Funny Car & Top Fuel Semi Finals






And then it was four in funny car, first up Bobby Cottrell and Ryan Hodgson.






Both of the young guns left together.
















It would be Cottrell moving on to the final with another spectacular pass. His 5.659 at 237.00 covered a slower 5.882 at 243.37.









The second pair matched up Matt Bynum and Steve Densham.



Both left within 4 thou of each other.















In the closest race of FC eliminations it was Bynum's 5.741 at 258.81 over Densham's 5.759 at 250.18. Bynum's MOV: 0.0130 seconds (approximately 5 feet) and he would meet Cottrell in the final.









First pair to see who would go to the final was Adam Sorokin and Jim Murphy. Four of the fastest NTF cars in the country were about to see who would go for the gold.










No surprise, Sorokin was out first with a 0.056 RT while Murphy's 0.111 would make this a very close drag race.

















Murphy used up an engine catching Sorokin, but catch him he did. His 5.604 at 246.08 compared to Sorokin's 5.724 at 241.37 was oh so close. Murphy's MOV: 0.0650 seconds (approximately 23 feet).




Murphy won the battle but lost the war. An oil-in and a brush with the wall spoiled a possible trifecta. He had won the Boise final, won the 2017 NTF Championship but would not have a shot at winning the meet. Who ever won the next race would single for the final.





The second pair of heavy hitters to see who would meet Murphy in the final were Mendy Fry and Jim Young.












Young left first with a 0.064 RT leaving Fry to play catch up after a 0.103 light.




















In another very close race Young's hole shot paid huge dividends. Although he didn't know it a the time his 5.653 at 261.78 held off Fry's quicker 5.638 at 260.66. This would earn him a single for the event win.









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