Funny Car Qualifying Session Three


The final session was Saturday midday and it was led off by Danny Gerber and Bobby Cottrell.











Gerber went into tire smoke before the tree.




Gerber went 0 for 3 and ended up #25. Cottrell shut off early but ultimately held onto the #1 spot with an earlier 5.563 at 256.06.







"Welcome to Funny Car."


Next out was Mark Sanders and Brad Thompson.




Need more wall.... this is ridiculous.






Neither car improved leaving Thompson #5 with his earlier 5.695. Sanders would start from the #7 hole with his previous 5.705.








Next out for their final shots were Dan Horan Jr. and Shawn Bowen.










Both drivers carded nice runs but did not improve on previous runs. Bowen ended up #11 and Horan #2.









The next two cars featured Geoff Monise and John Hale; the former not qualified.









Hale laid down a nice 5.718 at 247.25 that was good for #8 while Monise's 6.034 at 234.37 said his weekend was done.







The next pair setting their sights on improving were Rick Rogers and James Day, two cars that qualify more often than not.















Day just missed the cut with a 5.866 at 244.29. Rogers came close to the bump with a 5.888 at 245.67. Both were the best runs of their weekend.





Steve Densham and Jon Capps were the next two drivers to take their last shot.











Capps made the show with a 5.765 at 250.69. Densham improved with a 5.721 at 250.88 landing them #13 and #10 respectively.







Up next was Rian Konno and Chris Davis.








Konno squeaked into the #15 spot with a 5.812 at 246.08 while Davis joined the "I missed it by this much" club with a 5.962 at 233.84.








This pair featured eventual runner-up Matt Bynum and Mike Halstead.







The bad news was Bynum didn't improve, the good news was he remained #3 with a 5.687 at 260.71. The Kalitta influence was becoming obvious. Halstead ended up down in the 24th spot with a 6.043.









Next pair was Barrie Young and Bill Windham.











Windham made the show with a 5.760 at 238.13 while Young's best of 6.126 fell far short of the 5.839 bump.






Up next was Mike Peck and Cory Lee. Neither were in the show.














Peck jumped into the #6 spot with a 5.700 at 256.65 while Lee carded a 5.881 at 236.92 which was close, but no cigar.






The next to last pair pitted Mark Meadors and Shawn Van Horn.











Van Horn broke on the burnout but Meadors locked in the #13 spot with a 5.782 at 238.17





Out for their last shot were Tim Nemeth and Don Hudson.











Hudson was good enough to make the show, his 5.839 at 234.61 was good for #16.  Nemeth landed #9 with a 5.718 at 247.25.





Out for their last shot was Rob Markworth and Jeff Utterback.












Neither car made the show. Markworth landed #22 with a 5.998 while Utterback with a 6.862 ended up #26.






The final pair was not only a third qualifying run but would also decide who wins the Funny Car title from the rain canceled Boise Night Fire Nationals. It could have also made the 2017 Funny Car Championship very exciting going into eliminations.












Rupert won the battle but lost the war. He won the won the Boise Wally but lost the Series Championship. For the third time he oiled the track and it's three strikes you're out. Rupert went through 3 engines in 3 runs, something he has never done in all the years he's been a NFC standout. You can bet they will find the very expensive problems before the 2018 March Meet.





1. Bobby Cottrell 5.563 at 256.06
2. Dan Horan Jr. 5.662 257.53
3. Matt Bynum 5.687 at 260.71
4. Ryan Hodgson 5.688 at 249.90
5. Brad Thompson 5.695 at 205.91
6. Michael Peck 5.700 at 256.65
7. Mark Sanders 5.705 at 247.66
8. John Hale 5.712 at 250.32
9. Tim Nemeth 5.718 at 247.25
10. Steven Densham 5.721 at 250.88
11. Shawn Bowen 5.727 at 254.52
12. Bill Windham 5.760 at 238.13
13. Jon Capps 5.765 at 250.69
14. Marc Meadors 5.782 at 238.17
15. Rian Konno 5.812 at 246.08
16. Don Hudson 5.839 at 234.61




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