Top Fuel and AA/FA Qualifying Session 1




Top Fuel Qualifying Session One


After an endless Funny Car session, the race schedulers once again showed their dislike for Top Fuel. Keeping in mind there were only 11 cars and at any other drag race they would have been first out for qualifying. At the very least they should have run right after the floppers. But no way, As the track got cooler and cooler they ran everything but a shopping cart down the track before finally, after over 2 hours in the staging lanes, the TF cars were finally pulled out to run. This resulted in some unhappy racers and upset fans. That said, if it was the only major bitch of the weekend, I'd say the rest was pretty damn good. BTW, this entire session took about 20 minutes; not one drop of oil.


With the sun starting to set, the first pair of the long cars to hit the track were Adam Sorokin from Glendale, CA. driving the always dangerous Champion Speed Shop car and rookie Pete Wittenberg who lives in Anaheim, CA, and drives the Circuit Breaker.






















Sorokin fired the first shot with a stout 5.742 at 243.06 which would stand for his quickest time leading into eliminations. Wittenberg clicked it way early to a 6.61 at 146.45.






Pair two featured local favorite Rick McGee from near by Exeter, CA, driving the Tedford & McGee "Overtime Special" and Tyler Hilton who came out from Sharonville, OH, in his Jim & Alison Lee tribute car, "Great Expectations" powered by a BBC.















McGee shut off early to a 6.44 at 157.25. Hilton coasted on down with a 15.50.










Next out was Mendy Fry who resides in Los Angeles, CA, driving the High Speed Motorsports fueler and Brendan Murry from San Jose, CA, in his "Running Wild Racing" late model hemi car.
















Fry, on a planned 1000' pass, carded a solid 5.69 at just 215.68. Murry coasted to a unremarkable time.










Next to last pair was points leader Jim Murphy who came into the weekend with a heavy heart after his home town of Santa Rosa, CA. suffered a series of devastating and deadly wild fires just 2 weeks prior. Murphy, a general contractor, lost over 40 residential and and business properties he was involved in. Those included 3 of his associate's homes. This also leaves Murphy's plans for racing next year in limbo.

In the other lane was the only true SBC car in the class of Phil Ruskowski who came down from Victoria, BC, in his Total Machine sponsored car.








Murphy went into tire smoke at the tree.












The final pair was Jim Young all the way from Salem, WI, in his "Young Guns" Neal & Franks car and Bret Williamson down from Gilroy, CA, in Mike Fuller's "Forever Young" fueler.









Young did a Murphy, blazed the tires early. The track was going away.




Williamson got a baseline with a 6.14 at 184.78 while Young was left with another shot on Saturday.











In the history books of nostalgia drag racing, this CHRR session of the wild, unpredictable and dangerous Fuel Altereds will go down in infamy and amazement. From the tragic loss of Brett Henry to the wild ride of Mike Boyd in the legendary Winged Express, this was bitter sweet indeed.


First pair out was life long drag racer Rodney Flournoy from Carson, CA. in the "Godzilla" '23 Ford and Kurt Cruise out of Sacramento, CA. in the "Bad News" '54 Fiat.






Flournoy expericnced problems at the hit and as a pro will do, got out of the groove and near the wall as fast as he could. Hey Rodney, you were a kid when we met, knew your dad well, remember Fast Harvey, Lovell Hunter, Charlie - you guys were more than fun. Just putting this in there to see if you're looking.







Next up was Vince Generalao from Las Vegas, NV, driving the "Nanook" '23 Ford and Brian Hope from Thompson's Station, TN. in the fan favorite "Pure Hell".




















Up next was a couple of touring pros, Randy Bradford from Camano Island, WA, in his Bradford's '38 Fiat. In the other lane was world traveler Ron Hope who's based in Franklin, TN, driving his "Rat Trap" '32 Bantam.


















Next pair pitted Bryan Hall from Rio Linda, CA, in "The Tramp" '32 Bantam and Nick Davies all the way from Oxfordshire, UK, in the "Havoc" '32 Bantam

















Next up was Shawn Callen from Boise, ID, in the "High Heaven" '32 Bantam and Chris Bennett out of San Diego, CA, driving the Pure Heaven III '32 Bantam.















Here's where things went ugly and are still beyond any definite explanations. Brett Henry, husband, father, businessman and popular drag racer out of Wichita, KS, came out, as he had so many times before, to make a qualifying pass in his "Iron Mistress" '23 Ford. I am, with his family’s permission, sharing his last run ever. As one can see by our extensive photo files chronicling the run, logic dictates that the end result should never have happened,


Brett's burnout, back up and staging were text book.



In the other lane was Jason Richey out of Livermore, CA, in "The Patriot" '48 Fiat .



Henry left, blades wide open.










Before the tree Brett got off the throttle.





Here they're cracked a bit but closed back up.






It appears here that Henry is going back into the throttle.


At this point its obvious that Henry is back under power.








This is the 1000' mark and the injectors are closed.





Throttle closed, engine quiet and the chute coming out. About 5 seconds later the engine not only restarted but the throttle was wide open. There in lies the mystery.






After Henry was taken to the hospital and the sand pit cleared it was the last car of the session, Mike Boyd from Wildomar, CA, in the fan favorite "Winged Express" '23 Ford.




















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