Funny Car Qualifying Session Two


With all the delays of the day, the second session for Funny Car did not go off until the sun was almost gone. Being that NHRA has a "no flash" rule only Bob Brown tackled the conditions and shot what he could of the cars that did run. Not ideal coverage, but far better than nothing. Thanks, Bob.

The rest of our team put the priority on the Honorees Ceremony at the Double Tree Hotel. That coverage was for


The Friday evening session was led off by Matt Bynum on a single.





Pair two featured Bobby Cottrell and Steve Densham.






Densham had problems early unlike Cottrell who went to the head of the class with a sterling 5.563 at 256.06.





After having the qualifying bar raised quite high, the next pair was Don Hudson and Mark Sanders.






Sanders moved to the top half of the field with a 5.705 at 247.66 while Hudson fell a tad short of the 16 car field.





Next out was Danny Gerber and Jeff Utterback.









Next pair through the waterbox was Rian Konno and James Day.







Neither car improved. Next.





Out for their second attempt was Shawn Bowen and Barrie Young.





Young shut off after the burnout leaving Bowen to solo.








Out next was Brad Thompson and Rick Rogers who shut off after his burnout.







The next pair was Chris Davis and Mike Peck.










Next pair trying to break into the top 16 were Rob Markworth and Bill Windham.










Next out was Dan Horan and John Hale.




Horan went to #2 with a 5.662 at 257.53 while Hale jumped into the pool with a 5.712 at 250.32.





Next out was Tim Nemeth and Kris Krabill .






Nemeth improved with a 5.83 at 240.34 while Krabill once again experienced problems and shut off to a 6.36 at 185.35.





Winding down into the darkness, the next to last out was Jon Capps.









The final pair was Mike Halstead and Jason Rupert.






Halstead had issues and clicked it early. Rupert ripped off a 5.57 at 244.58, a time that would have moved him into the #2 had he not blown a second engine once again oiling the track and negating the time.






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