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These are random shots taken over 3 days of racing. No particular order and they fall under my "if you can't name them all, don't name any" rule.

































"The Birds"


"The Dogs"






















































Quickest A/FD pass ever.












































AA/FA Photo Shoot Sunday.




After more hours than anyone would believe, that's all folks. Thanks for taking the time to enjoy our coverage. God willing, be back in March.




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Funny Car Qualifying, Session 1

Top Fuel & AA/FA Qualifying, Session 1

Funny Car Qualifying, Session 2

Top Fuel & AA/FA, Session 2

Funny Car Qualifying, Session 3

Top Fuel & AA/FA Qualifying Session 3

Funny Car & Top Fuel Round 1

Funny Car Round 2

Top Fuel & Funny Car Semis

All Finals & Winners Circle

Other Cars




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