Funny Car Round Two




First pair out to see who would move on to the semis were Steve Densham and Rian Konno.




Konno got a slight jump on the green.










In what was one great drag race Densham got it by a nose. His 5.819 at 243.85 was just enough to better Konno's 5.851 at 246.62. Densham's MOV: 0.0160 seconds (approximately 6 feet).








Next up were Matt Bynum and Shawn Bowen.




















This race was all Bynum who stopped the clocks with a 5.665 at 263.05. Bowen was done early and coasted through.











Out next were Tim Nemeth and Bobby Cottrell.





Both drivers left together.










Nemeth was off the throttle about 200' out.







Cottrell laid down a back breaking 5.528 at 261.02. Needless to say, low of the meet.







The final pair to see who would got to the 3rd round were Brad Thompson and Ryan Hodgson.





Thompson was out first by a bunch (0.064 to a 0.123) leaving Hodgson to play catch-up.












Hodgson was able to run Thompson down in a race that was really close. His 5.710 at 256.41 just got by Brad's 5.837 at 235.31. Hodgson's MOV: 0.0680 seconds (approximately 23 feet).






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