Funny Car & Top Fuel Round One






Funny Car elimination kicked off Saturday evening. First pair out was Brad Thompson and Bill Windham.








This race was over before Thompson hit his throttle as Windham went red.












Thompson banged the blower carding a 6.536 at 142.34.






Pair two was John Hale and Tim Nemeth.






Nemeth left first as Hale had problems from the hit.















Nemeth shut off early to a 5.911 at 195.19.









Next pair pitted #16 Don Hudson and #1 Bobby Cottrell.





Three pair, 2 red lights. Hudson left way early leaving Cottrell to run for lane choice.











In spite of having a free pass, Cottrell showed no mercy on the field with a stout 5.585 at 244.92. In Hudson's favor, he didn't shut off but gave the fans a race clocking a respectable 5.863 at 240.00.










Up next was #15 Rian Konno and #2 Dan Horan jr.



Konno left first and never looked back.






Horan smoked the tires before the tree.



Konno carded a 5.850 at 246.44 to move on to Sunday.






Next pair matched Jon Capps and Ryan Hodgson.





Capps drilled Hodgson on the tree (0.021 to a 0.103).







The huge hole shot went for naught as Hodgson dropped the hammer with a 5.685 at 255.53. Capps clicked it to a 6.669 at 154.30.





Next out to see who would move on to Sunday were Matt Bynum and Marc Meadors.







Bynum had a slight jump on the tree and never looked back.










Bynum got there first with a 5.661 at 261.78, right there with the favorite. Meadors called it quits with a 5.905 at 227.19.





Next to last pair was Shawn Bowen and Michael Peck





Peck got a small jump but it was short lived.





At the other end it was Bowen moving on with a 5.748 at 247.16 while Peck pulled the plug with a 6.085 at 180.94.





The final pair was Steve Densham and Mark Sanders.




Densham nailed Sanders to the tree but went into a power wheel stand before the tree.






Sanders closed out round one with a 5.812 at 209.62 win over a defenseless Densham.






Sunday eliminations were opened up by Bret Williamson and Mendy Fry.









Williamson got a 6 thousandths jump on the tree but the advantage was short lived.


















Fry took the win with a 5.601 at 251.95 which was the quickest time of the meet. Williamson called it quits carding a 6.339 at 148.44.








Pair two pitted Jim Young and Rick McGee.





McGee left first but Young reeled him in by the 330' mark.












Young took the win with a 5.775 at 259.41 while McGee slowed to a 6.302 at 170.02. This will be the last race for this car as over the last two years the team has done everything they can think of to make it work and this was its last chance. Tedford & McGee will be at the 2018 March Meet with their old purple car that behaved.








Pair three matched Adam Sorokin and Pete Wittenberg.







Its never a surprise to see Sorokin leave first, he's the best at that. His 0.065 RT left Wittenberg's 0.190 in another zip code.















Sorokin won easily with a very stout 5.659 at 242.54. Wittenberg clicked it to a 6.416 at 156.05.









The final pair was a classic David and Goliath matching #2 Jim Murphy and #9 Phil Ruskowski who got in on the break rule when Murry could not repair his engine.






Murphy left first by a city block and never looked back.










In a cake walk, Murphy moved onto the semis with a 5.746 at 226.62 giving Sorokin lane choice.








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