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On Thursday the name Matt Bynum probably wasn't in many discussions of who would be in the final on Sunday, but here he was. In the other lane was the quickest and fastest flopper on the property piloted by rookie Bobby Cottrell.










Cottrell got a slight jump and we had a drag race.

















Cottrell maintained his lead to the stripe carding a 5.670 at 253.61. Bynum had nothing to hang his head about running a 5.744 at 258.62. Cottrell's MOV: 0.1040 seconds (approximately 39 feet).






Super Fan Kevin Hoffsmith in his Nitro Kevin custom wheel chair, along with his dad Brian, were invited to pose with the winners.


Cottrell flanked by owners Mike O’Brien and Bucky Austin.


Jessica Cottrell and the boys were on hand to see Dad win the gold.






As previously noted, the TF final with the absence of Murphy was anticlimactic. To give the fans a show Bob Bob McLennan offered to run his car in the other lane. So, it was Jim Young and Adam Sorokin.








Sorokin smoked the tires instantly. According to Adam, "We were just doing an exhibition pass, but Bobby wanted to run a .50 and it was loaded for bear. It just was a bit over center!"














Running on a tight budget, Young clicked it early to a 6.31 at 137.86.






Jim Young and his "Young Guns" team collecting the hardware.



Jim with his girlfriend Kim Horan Phillips and son Crew.






The Fuel Altereds boiled down to Nick Davies and Vince Generalao.




Davies left first and we had a drag race.








In a close one Davies took the win with a 6.117 at 231.36. Generalao was right there with a 6.136 at 232.51. Davies' MOV: 0.0370 seconds (approximately 13 feet).




Davies and crew enjoyed a popular victory, especially with all the fans from Great Britain who attended the event.



A few of their closest friends joined them in the photo shoot.







The #1 and #2 cars met in the final and it was a good one. Kin Bates and Drew Austin squared off to see who would win the event as Bates had already secured the 2017 Championship.



Austin nailed Bates to the tree (0.042 to a 0.107) and the chase was on.




In the lights it was Bates with a 5.868 at 233.68. Austin's holeshot made this one a close race. His 5.936 at 231.64 fell a foot short. Bates' MOV: 0.0030 seconds (approximately 12 inches). Great drag race.




Kin Bates and crew celebrated a race win and the 2017 A/Fuel Championship; nothing like running the table.



Martin and Ingrid Chesworth make the trek from Great Britain for this race almost every year. Here they celebrate the win with Bates.






It was last years winner Mike Molea and fan favorite Gary Reinero.




Molea got a slight jump on the tree.




At the other end it was Reinero with a 6.735 at 205.01 while Molea trailed with a 6.972 at 193.43.










After 4 rounds of racing, the final pitted Pete Peterson and Eily Stafford.




Stafford did a good job avoiding a red light with a stellar 0.007 RT leaving Peterson playing catch up with his 0.085 RT.





Stafford got there first with a 6.964 at 190.43. Unfortunately the class runs on a 7.0 index so it was Peterson taking the win with a 7.054 at 186.74.



Pete Peterson and crew reaping the rewards of five win lights.








Jr. Fuel featured vet Don Enriquez and John Marottek who was driving his recently acquired ex-Neal & Parks car.



Enriquez went -0.012 red giving the win to Marottek who ran a shut off 7.625 at 116.92.


Joining Marottek in the winners circle was ex Jr. Fuel multi-champion Scott Parks (far right) who used to drive this car.







The guys with the huge injectors boiled down to Jeremy Hanger and Tony Jurado.



Jurado got a huge jump on the tree (0.051 to a 0.130) but had problems at half track allowing Hanger to motor by for the win carding a 5.851 at 243.06.




Hanger along with Kirk Kuhns and the team sharing the thrill of victory.







Another 5 round field went down to Terry Newton and Roy Castagnetto.



After a handicap start, Newton took the win with, 0.025 7.647 176.86 to a 0.024 7.859 173.03.










Lloyd Harder survived 5 rounds of racing to win the final when Pete Krona went red.






A/FX Winner


Bob Moreland survived the five rounds of racing to hold the A/FX trophy, beating Brandon Clark in the final.





Nostalgia Super Stock Winner


In a close race, Bob Tingler got the best of Donnie Graham.






Grand Prix Auto A/F car and crew from Tulsa. They won the rain delayed March Meet at Boise, got their award at the CHRR. Great group of Okies! Best ET ever at the CHRR, lost to Drew Austin in a semi with a 5.98 and a wheelstand.






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