Top Fuel & AA/FA Session 3




The final sessionl for the long cars was Saturday afternoon led off by Pete Wittenberg and Tyler Hilton.

















Wittenberg improved with a 5.906 at 205.01 and that moved him up to #5. Hilton once again smoked the tires early leaving him in the cellar with a best of 8.053 at 159.59.







Out next were Rick McGee and Canadian Phil Ruskowski.














Ruskowski ran his best pass of the weekend but a 6.756 at 178.90 did not break into the top 8. McGee clicked it early and had to stand on his earlier 6.031 which landed him #6.







Next out were two of the favorites. Mendy Fry and Jim Young.
























Young jumped into the #3 slot with a strong 5.673 at 255.24 while Fry clicked it early to a 6.18 at just 151.15. She remained #2 with her previous 5.660.








The final session went off late afternoon and the last pair featured two heavy hitters, Jim Murphy and Adam Sorokin. This was the final round of the rained out 2017 Boise Night Fire Nationals to decide the Top Fuel champion of that race. This had major points implications. If Murphy won he would have a 27 point lead, if not he would stay just 7 points ahead of Mendy Fry.































The last car in the session was Brendan Murry.















Murry stayed at #8 with 6.656 at 153.89 The field was set.






Top Fuel Final Order

1. Jim Murphy 5.651 @ 249.30
2. Mendy Fry 5.660 @ 224.47
3. Jim Young 5.673 @ 255.24
4. Adam Sorokin 5.742 @ 243.06
5. Pete Wittenberg 5.906 @ 205.01
6. Rick McGee 6.031 @ 199.76
7. Bret Williamson 6.179 @ 175.34
8. Brendan Murry 6.656 @ 153.89

------------ Not Qualified ------------

9. Phil Ruskowski 6.756 @ 178.90
10. Tyler Hilton  8.053 @ 159.59




AA/FA Session Three - Sunday


First pair out was Ron Hope and his son, Brian Hope.








Brian Hope's 5.96 was too quick so he was stuck in the #8 spot with an earlier 6.999. Ron Hope did not improve on his earlier 6.469 which was good for #5.






The next pair turned out to be one of the strangest AA/FA races ever. Without question, it resulted in one of the wildest rides ever that didn't end in an injury or a demolished race car. The pair involved were Rodney Florenoy and Kurt Cruise.






Cruise started his antics at the hit.





In the left lane Florenoy had issues of his own.



























































There went the front tire that luckily didn't go into the stands.





Why so many photos? Because I can. Seriously, this car went every way but straight for 1100 feet and never went on its lid. Luck squared! Our shooters did a great job of catching it.



Michael Kohn Photo




Next up were Shawn Callen and Nick Davies.












Davies didn't improve but his previous 6.135 left him #2. Callen didn't improve as well and ended up #6 with an earlier 6.738.







The second to last pair matched Bryan Hall with Chris Bennett.










Hall went to #4 with a 6.215.






The last car for a last shot was Jason Richey.






Richey went to #3 with a 6.162 .




The AA/FA class runs on a 6.00 index and it was Vince Generalao who came closest with a 6.125. So, he was #1. Simple. The top four would come back and race for the title.




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