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Unlike the "Big Show" these Heritage Series Finals Lead off with Top Fuel


Like funny car, the 2019 NHRA Heritage Top Fuel championship had already been convincingly nailed down by Mendy Fry. But that was then and this was now, the mission was not completed. With the passing of team owner/tuner Tom Shelar shortly after the Spokane Nitro Nationals, Team High Speed was determined to cap the season with a CHRR win.

Friend or not she faced Pete Wittenberg in the final and he wanted the win as well. Being the second quickest car in the filed, Wittenberg did have the cards to play in Mendy's game. Plus, he had Jim Young out to twist the knobs on his tune-up.















Right here is where a bad news/very good news story begins. Wittenberg knew a 5.7 was not going to win this race. He had to take the only shot he had and he missed. His -0.254 red ended this race before it started. BUT, as Steve Harvey said, here is the rest of the story.


Now the drama begins. Mendy was so focused on cutting a safe light, she had no clue that Wittenberg had gone red. Her 0.087 light was spot on. WTF? Thought she.











At this point Mendy could barely see Pete's chute and he's not shutting off. Her mind is saying, "How could I be so friggin late?"


This is what a -0.254 red light and a 0.087 green light look like on the track when two strong cars are racing.















As I do when High Speed is in the final, I position myself at the second turn out. I have no clue how the race went. Mendy turns off and I look at her, she shakes her head no. Knowing all the emotions involved in this particular race, my heart dropped.


Back on the starting line it was pandemonium.




As I watched her get out of the car neither of us knew what was going on at the staring line, She did what she had to do and walked off into the dirt. Remember I told you from the start this was a bad news/very good news story.






This face tells you everything you need to know about the passion of Mendy Fry. At this moment in time she still thought she'd lost on a hole shot. Had that been the case, these photos would not be here.


What a difference a minute makes. The news came from the top end safety crew that Wittenberg had gone red and she was the champ x2. I had never seen a more drastic mood swing in my life.





I got my hug and Whit Bazemore rolled up to do the video interview.


Pete and Mendy, no clue what was said.


Sean Bellemeur was the first to arrive and this says it all.


Fast forward to the Winners Circle where Mendy and Team High Speed passed the Crown Royal and celebrated not only a repeat NHRA Heritage Series Top Fuel Championship but also the event win. The late Tom Shelar was at the forefront of every ones hearts.









On Friday the odds makers would probably have had Tony Jurado as a longshot to be in the finals, yet here he was. No surprise was Bobby Cottrell, who had already sewed up the NHRA Heritage Series championship, and was in the other lane.









Jurado nipped a few ticks on the tree, but Cottrell had him by the 60' mark.















Cottrell pulled away to card a stout 5.675 at 249.90 which was way more than Jurado's 5.859 at 233.80 could handle.




Like the High Speed team, the Austin & O'Brien bunch know how to fill up a winners circle. A world championship and event win was also on their plate. Nice job.










The 6.0 booked in AA/FA show had Jason Richie and Kyle Hough hooked up in the final.





Hough had .049 in the bank when the lights were tripped.





1320 feet later it was a picture perfect 6.019 at 231.28 giving Richie the win. Hough kept him honest with a 6.243 at 205.94.








Shayne Stewart came out on the winning end of a double red light in A/Fuel. Wayne Ramay's -0.092 was first and worse over a -0.046.







The highly competitive and controversial 7.0 Pro title went to Brad Denny who had it in the bag when Richard Phillips went red.






The AA/GS final went to Howard Anderson who's 6.454 at 209.72 overcame a Mike Molea holeshot.






Brad Woodard had a dream season in Jr. Fuel. He not only nailed down the NHRA Heritage Series Championship but capped the season with the CHRR win. He sealed the deal with a final win over Matt Baldonado.







Brian Rogers survived 5 rounds of racing to capture the A/G Wally. Rogers out dialed Al White in the final.







The B/G title went to Brent Handley who waded through 5 rounds of intense competition. Handley did not show for the Winners Circle shots.





Mike Rabener took the C/G title.



Rabener not only won the event but the Heritage Series Championship as well.





In D/G another 5 round marathon went to Don Fournier.







The NE-1 title went to Dan Schrokosch. His 7.618 at 170.45 got the best of Lloyd Harder's 7.718 at 160.94.





Eddie Lucas ran the table in NE-2 winning the Heritage Championship and the CHRR.






The NE-3 trophy went to Darren Hopkins who won a close one over Mike Gillespie.






The Hot Rod class trophy went to AJ Thomas in his plain wrapper El Camino.







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1: Funny Car Qualifying, Session 1

2: Top Fuel Qualifying Session 1

3: Funny Car Qualifying, Session 2

4: Top Fuel Session 2

5: Funny Car Qualifying, Session 3

6: Top Fuel Session 3

7: AA/FA Session 2

8: Funny Car Eliminations Round 1

9: Top Fuel Eliminations Rounds 1 & 2

10: Funny Car Eliminations Rounds 2 & 3

11: Final Rounds and Winners Circle

12: Other Cars - Pits N' Prople

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