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For whatever reasons, I hardly got any people n pits shots but here's a few.


Spider Razon and Joe Schubeck


With NHRA running the show, John and Blake Bowser were all smiles, their work starts now getting ready for the 2020 March Meet.


Don Ewald, Bob Muravez and Tim Turner.


With his AA/FA on a boat coming home from the UK, Randy Bradford had nothing to do but ham goofy grins.


Two guys who go back to Lions Drag Strip in 1964. Don Ewald and Larry Sutton.


Paul Sadler and Dave Kommel acting like they know how to take pictures,




Joe Walla came onto the nostalgia drag racing scene in 2010 when Dan Horan Jr. brought him on board on his sponsor for the March Meet. Joe and his band were a big hit over the weekend when he came out with all the trimmings including a hospitability tent, all their stage show equipment and several ladies who were very easy on the eyes.

The sponsorship was short lived but Joe's love of drag racing wasn't. Over the last 9 years he and his "Joe Walla Band" have been dubbed "the racers band" and have drawn a huge following on and off the track.

Catch him on Wednesday nights on his Rockin' & Racing radio show on RadioBuzzd.com



So, not for the first time nor the last, Walla and his band went all out to set up a full stage in the pits of Famoso and proceded to entertain the 2019 CHRR fans and racers.



Now for the back story. Over the last couple of years elegible batchelor Joe Walla has been seen in the company of one Sandra Reynolds. They became an item. They became inseperable, the semis. So, what was the final round? On stage the normally reserved Walla called up the equally shy Reynolds and - you guessed it - he asked for her hand in marriage. She gave him her arm.


Congratulations to Joe and Sandra and their drag racing family wishes them a great life until the chutes are pulled. ROCK ON







Walla was very cool but so were the girls of the CHRR. Leading off was Eily-Stafford Day, race car driver, wife, mother and badass poster girl.


As seen in the race coverage, there were BUGs everywhere.





Mike English was a bad boy. Shoulda' been me.






Three of 4 WDIFL shooters. Arlene Eliason, Don Ewald and Dan Kaplan.


Female Rat Pack - Celia Felix-Green, Debra Lynn, Leeza Diehl and Sandra Reynolds.




Alison Lee, if you don't know, you're too young.







1: Funny Car Qualifying, Session 1

2: Top Fuel Qualifying Session 1

3: Funny Car Qualifying, Session 2

4: Top Fuel Session 2

5: Funny Car Qualifying, Session 3

6: Top Fuel Session 3

7: AA/FA Session 2

8: Funny Car Eliminations Round 1

9: Top Fuel Eliminations Rounds 1 & 2

10: Funny Car Eliminations Rounds 2 & 3

11: Final Rounds and Winners Circle

12: Other Cars - Pits N' Prople

Cacklefest & Honorees


Nostalgia Race Coverage like this and more importantly the drag racing history on WDIFL will cease sooner than later if racers and fans don't start supporting WDFIL again. Thanks, Don




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