Welcome to Round Two


The opening salvo was fired by Brad Thompson and Dan Horan Jr.








I love nostalgia nitro!



Dan, you need a BUG, just a thought.


If this had been a Pro Stock race Horan would be so gone, but in NFC a 0.103 to a 0.221 RT still doesn't win a race.



Thompson almost immediately squared the tires making his huge holeshot moot.



Even with Brad's shut off it still took Horan 100' to catch and pass him.










Horan made a 5.771 at 257.83 look effortless. Thompson will be back next year.






Boiling down to the semis, out next was Steven Densham and Ryan Hodgson.







Hodgson got a hunk of the tree and Densham gave chase.






Densham rattled the tires and shut the butterflies. At this point it was Hodgson's race to lose, for a heartbeat.



Deal was that Hodgson also had tire issues and so much for his race to lose.


Densham got back in it, that's what drivers do.


Hodgson pedaled it as well but with different results.


Already heading toward the guardwall Hodgson hung in a tad too long.




Ryan, meet wall. Wall, meet Ryan..









In a very ugly race, Densham took the win with a 7.589 at 152.80.





It's that Austin girl again!


Out next was the race that would decide the 2019 NHRA Heritage Series Funny Car Championship. Winner take all. It was Bobby Cottrell and Jeff Arend.








The RT's were a coin toss and we had a drag race.


















Cottrell's 5.738 at 241.71 barely beat Arend's 5.753 at 255.15. Cottrell's MOV: 0.0110 seconds (approximately 4 feet).








The last pair to determine the final four was Justin Taylor and Tony Jurado.









Taylor had a slight starting line advantage but it was short lived.

















This was just a good ol drag race ending with Jurado taking the win with a 5.812 at 254.33. Taylor was right there carding 5.859 at 238.17.








The first pair to see who would run for the Wally was Steven Densham and Bobby Cotterll.



























In another good race it was Cotterll running a 5.695 at just 239.70 to move into the final. Densham's game 5.790 at 246.30 fell a tenth short.





Pair two to decide who would meet Cottrell in the final was Tony Jurado and Dan Horan Jr. On paper this was a toss up.







Jurado grabbed .050 on the tree and he would need it.














At the stripe it was Jurado on a hole shot win. His 5.746 at 257.53 got the best of Horan's quicker and faster 5.731 259.11.




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