Saturday night under the lights




With the sun rapidly setting the first pair out for the money was Tony Jurado and Matt Bynum.







Jurado put .020 in the bank and never looked back.

















The race was a toss up until Bynum's blower went pop putting the relief hatch dead in his face.




Jurado moved on to Sunday with a 5.730 at 245.23 to Bynum's wounded 5.940 at 205.44.







Out next were #16 Kris Krabill and #1 Ryan Hodgson.







Krabill did what he does best, drilled Hodgson on the tree by .060 leaving the low qualifier to play catch-up.
















Hodgson chased Krabill down to take the 5.622 at 250.41 win light. Kris clicked it early to a 5.895 at 196.79.








Pair three matched #15 Justin Taylor #2 Billy Morris.








Amanda Haven doing her BUG thing.


Taylor got .060 on the tree... an upset in the making?












Morris got out of the groove and had to lift.



Taylor hung in and took the win with a 5.869 at 232.19 to Morris' troubled 6.648 at 150.68.









With the cacklecar contingent tapping their toes in the staging lanes the next pair pitted Matt Melendez and Bobby Cottrell. #13 meets #4.








Cottrell grabbed a .050 starting line advantage and never looked back.















In another good drag race Cottrell got there first with a 5.722 at 247.47. Melendez carded a 5.880 at just 209.46.







Up next were #14 Danny Gerber and #3 Dan Horan Jr.


















Gerber gave Horan a race early on but was done before 600'. Dan moved onto Sunday with a 5.802 at 254.47.





Rolling out next was Jeff Arend and Jerry Espeseth.








Arend left first by a day. His 0.109 RT left Espeseth's 0.238 looking at his chutes.











Moving on was Arend with a 5.721 at 249.30. Espeseth's March Meet Cinderella story did not have a sequel. He ran a very respectable but losing 5.780 at 252.66.






The next to last pair featured James Day and Brad Thompson.











Day got the jump and was off BUT.


Before the tree the Speed Sport car was up in smoke leaving the System 1 car to advance unimpeded.





Day did give it a game effort stab but it was fruitless.


At the stripe it was Thompson who ran his quickest pass of the weekend for the 5.677 at 244.78 win.






The final pair out to set the Sunday 8 was Steve Densham and Rian Konno.






Densham left first by .030 and that was what he needed.












Densham was the last car to move forward with a 5.807 at 242.19 holeshot win over Konno's quicker and faster 5.779 at 250.04. The MOV was a heartbeat.



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