Top Fuel Qualifying Session 1




Leading off qualifying for the long cars were local favorite Rick McGee from nearby Exeter CA, driving the Tedford & McGee "Overtime Special" up against Dan Horan Jr. from Sylmar CA, debuting his brand new Bowen tribute car for his late father, Dan Sr.























Horan's first pass in competition for his new car was a respectable 5.980 at 234.17. McGee executed a planned early shut-off and carded a 6.108 at 194.91.







Pair two matched Bret Williamson from Gilroy, CA, in Mike Fuller's "Forever Young". In the other lane was March Meet winner Pete Wittenberg out of Anaheim, CA.




















Wittenberg went to #4 for the day with a 5.923 at 244.07 while Williamson was done early and coasted to a 10.766 at 77.67.








Next up was vet Brendan Murry out of San Jose, CA in his "Running Wild" and TF rookie Bryan Hall from Rio Oso CA, making his Top Fuel debut. One of four at this event.






















Both cars were silent before the traps. Hall planned a 1000' hit and clocked a 6.412 at 201.52. Murry had issues and coasted to a 6.623 at 147.21 time slip.











Out next was a classic final round match up at any drag race. 76 year old Jim Murphy out of Santa Rosa, CA, in his "WW2 Racing" entry up against newly crowned 2019 Top Fuel Champion Mendy Fry from Los Angeles driving the High Speed Motorsports monster.


























As she has done so many times before Mendy comes out of the box with a back breaking number. Her 5.595 at just 237.42 was two tenths quicker than Murphy's 5.730 at 247.07 which was good for #2 for the day.













Next out after a two year hiatus was Rick White in the Neal & White entry out of San Diego. He was paired with Tyler Hilton from Cincinnati OH, driving the Lee & Hilton "Great Expectations III" BBC powered car.



















White nailed down the #3 spot with a 5.793 at 230.72 while Hilton clicked it to a 6.282 at 186.15.










Not to be outdone by the funny cars, top fuel had its own BUGs. Here Celia Green (Dusty’s wife), Jana Thompson and Nicole Morrow, (wife of Dusty’s crew chief, Kevin Morrow) prepared to to a trio back-up for Dusty's top fuel debut.


WDIFL photog Arlene Eliason with Celia and Nicole.



A year in the making, Dusty Green from Pleasant Hill CA, debuted his own top fuel car. It's a tried and true '08 Neil & Parks car formally owned by Dale Surh. In the other lane was Phil Ruskowski down from Victoria BC, in his true SBC powered fueler.


Ruskowski will never win a burnout contest.















Green's first time slip in his own car was a planned shut-off 6.738 at 147.57. Ruskowski carded a 6.883 at 185.56 which did not make the top 8 for Friday.







The final pair for Q1 was vet Adam Sorokin from LaCrescenta CA, in the Champion Speed Shop small block car and another top fuel rookie making his first appearance, Frank McBee Jr., who hails from Madera, CA,

McBee was an A/Fuel stand out who wanted to up his game so he transformed his car to top fuel (not a big conversion) and came out swinging.






















Sorokin was done early and carded a 6.314 at 165.23. McBee, as planned, clicked it early to a 6.987 at just 129.27.









1. Mendy Fry 5.595 237.42
2. Jim Murphy 5.730 247.07
3. Rick White 5.793 230.72
4. Pete Wittenberg 5.923 244.07
5. Dan Horan Jr. 5.980 234.17
6. Rick McGee 6.108 194.91
7. Tyler Hilton 6.282 186.15
8. Adam Sorokin 6.314 165.23

------------ Not Qualified ------------

9. Bryan Hall 6.412 201.52
10. Brendan Murry 6.623 147.21
11. Dusty Green 6.738 147.57
12. Phil Ruskowski 6.883 185.56
13. Frank McBee Jr. 6.987 129.27
14. Bret Williamson 10.766 77.67


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