Top Fuel Qualifying Session 3




With the funny car field set it was time for top fuel to sort out its 8 car field. Leading off the final session was Dan Horan Jr. and Bret Williamson. Both were in with Horan on the bump.































Williamson carded a 5.94 at 248.48 which did not improve on his 5.889 so that left him #5. Horan ran a 5.99 at 204.94 which also fell sort of his previous run so a 5.942 kept him on the bubble.




The mag skid plates on the bottom frame rails of Fuller's car make for some cool sparks hitting the bumps in the shutdown area.






Pair two featured #1 Mendy and Adam who was on the outside looking in. A very rare spot for the Champion car in the last session.































Mendy didn't improve but was still low for the session. Her 5.70 at just 207 supplied all the data needed for E1. As for Sorokin, a 6.23 put the last nail in the Champion coffin. He, Bobby and the team would be spectators on Sunday. A role none are used to.









Out next were Rick McGee and Pete Wittenberg. Both were in, just jockeying for position.



























Double wow factor. Wittenberg put his Jim Young tune-up to full use jumping into the #2 hole with a nice 5.691 at 252.57. McGee also improved carding a 5.899 at 223.99 which moved him up to #6.






Jim Murphy and Tyler Hilton were the next pair to roll through the waterbox.


























Murphy laid down a 5.98 at 235.19. His Q1 5.730 at 247.07 ended up #3 going into Sunday. Hilton's 6.17 at 173.12 did not improve on his 5.982 but that wasn't enough to make the show. Like Sorokin, this was the first DNQ for Hilton all season.







Next out were two of the debut cars, neither looked like a rookie. A/F upgrade Frank McBee Jr. and converted AA/FA pilot Bryan Hall.


































Few extra shots for these two cars as they both made outstanding rookie TF debuts. McBee qualified #7 with a 5.901 at 249.90 (nice mph) and Hill just missed with a 6.134 at 225.26. Looking forward to seeing them both at the March Meet.













The final pair of the final session was seasoned vet Rick White and new owner Dusty Green. We where missing Chad Blue and Carl Red.


Green, who had driven the Colorado based Nitro Hemi owned by Steve Harwood for the last several seasons, broke out on his own in 2019. After purchasing the first class Orange Crate operation from Dale Shur he spent the year making the car his own. This was his proud debut. Welcome to the NTF family Mr. Green.






























White clicked it early to a 6.85 at 231.14, a far cry from his earlier 5.889 at 226.51 that was good for a #4 spot Sunday start. Green also clicked it early and his 7.44 at 124.30 did not improve on his Q2 6.192 that left him #12. Nice debut dude.







The final car out was Brendan Murry who was mired in the basement.









Oil exit stage right....







Brendan is a great guy, a past champion, a dear old friend, but after nothing but problems since switching to the 426 hemi he needs to rethink his entire program. One cannot oil down the track on a regular basis.






Nostalgia Top Fuel Final Qualifying Order

1 1 Mendy Fry, Los Angeles CA, '16 Hadman 5.595 237.42
2 706 Pete Wittenberg, Anaheim CA, '01 Stirling 5.691 252.57
3 774 Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa CA, '13 Neil & Parks 5.730 247.07
4 7131 Rick White, San Diego CA, '06 Hansen 5.793 230.72
5 7238 Bret Williamson, Gilroy CA, '12 Uyehara 5.889 226.51
6 701 Rick McGee, Exeter CA, Donovan-Donv 5.899 223.99
7 775 Frank McBee Jr., Madera CA, '05 Horton FED 5.901 249.90
8 7736 Dan Horan Jr., Sylmar CA, '19 Bowen 5.942 248.48
------------ Not Qualified ------------
9 379 Tyler Hilton, Cincinnati OH, '19 Horton 5.982 235.19
10 766 Adam Sorokin, LaCrescenta CA, '04 Sterling 6.069 211.89
11 710H Bryan Hall, Rio Oso CA, '10 Rooman 6.134 225.26 225.26
12 752 Dusty Green, Pleasant Hill CA, '08 Neil & Parks 6.192 184.55
13 600 Phil Ruskowski, Victoria BC, '11 McKinney 6.474 218.48
14 7188 Brendan Murry, San Jose CA, '10 Rooman 6.623 147.


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