Top Fuel Qualifying Session 2




Saturday brought another beautiful day with noting but sunshine. The first of two top fuel qualifying sessions had Dan Horan Jr. and Rick McGee out first to put some nitro in the air.



















McGee was on a good pass until he wasn't. If you look close at the right bank you can see a tan geyser coming out of the valve cover. That would be a cylinder minus a spark plug venting oil. In a very rare incident, the plug blew out, helicoil and all sending the spark plug and the wire on a journey into the skies. No serious engine damage, some oil on the track.






Horan clicked it early to a 6.09 at 229.70. McGee came to a safe stop in 7.03 seconds.







Amanda Wakefield, wife of High Speed Motorsports bottom end specialist, Kyle Wakefield got all Wonder Woman to back up Pete because HSMS shared her since Walter Stevens is the High Speed "BUG" LOL!


Pair two matched Mendy and Pete Wittenberg, both were solidly in the show.














Wittenberg lit up the tires before the tree. Home run swing gone foul.






Mendy rattled the tires past the 60' mark and also clicked it.






Needless to say, neither improved. <Ivo grin>





Up next was Bret Williamson and Rick White.









White lit up the tires by the 40' mark. The left lane was becoming more than a little suspect.











Williamson went from zero to hero with a 5.889 at 226.51 which moved him into the show in the #5 hole. White was good with his Q1 5.793.







Next up were two drivers on the outside looking in, Tyler Hilton and Phil Ruskowski.



















Ruskowski wounded his engine running a 6.474 at 218.48 which left him #13 with one shot left. As for Hilton, his run was done very early and he remained #9 with his Q1 5.982.







Next pair was vet Jim Murphy and rookie Frank McBee Jr.


McBee was an A/Fuel stand-out and had a beautiful car and lots of parts going into his top fuel upgrade. His late model hemi looks like it belongs in an A/F car especially with the low profile Hilborn injectors never before seen on a NTF car.















Murphy's aggressive launch didn't last long and he lit up the tires before the tree.






McBee was soft but hooked up.






McBee carded an easy 6.59 at 161.79. Murphy would have to wait for Q3.








The BUGs were back in all new costumes.


Next to last pair pitted Brendan Murry and rookie Bryan Hall.

























Hall getting his top fuel feet wet clicked it to a 6.17 at 208.17 while Murry was DQed due to oil and stayed on his Q1 6.23 at 147.21.




Blower belt exit stage right.






The last pair out for Q2 was Adam Sorokin and Dusty Green.


Green will not win a burnout contest but he makes up for it in BUGs.






Its good to be Dusty Green.



























Neither team was pleased with the results. Sorokin shut down to a 6.069 at 211.89 while Green carded a 6.192 at 184.55 which left them both out of the show with one session left.








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