Funny Car and Top Fuel Round Two








Then there were eight. Leading off were Bobby Cottrell and Shawn Bowen.






Cottrell was away first and never looked back.



















Once again the Buckymobile was at the head of the class with a 5.588 at 256.89 which was the quickest run of the round by two tenths. Bowen had a game 5.778 at 223.28 losing effort.






The second pair out was Steve Densham and Jason Rupert.





Rupert got the good light but it wouldn't be enough.















At the stripe it was Densham carding a 5.724 at 251.30. Rupert clicked it to a 6.814 at 133.67.





Next out to see who would go to the semis were Ryan Hodgson and Paul Romine.






Hodgson left first and just drove away.













Hodgson took the win with a 5.731 at 251.67. Romine trailed with a 5.960 at 214.35.






To close out the session it was Rian Konno getting a single when Mike Halstead couldn't make the call due to lack of parts.









Konno played it smart and shut off to a parts saving 7.946 at 96.33.









The first of two pairs to see who'd go to the final was Pete Wittenberg and Bret Williamson in the Forever Young car that went through a major thrash after their round one fire.





Wittenberg got the tree advantage leaving Williamson to catch him.


















Wittenberg, who earned his Top Fuel license at the 2017 March Meet, was going to the final a year later. His 5.833 at 219.04 held off Williamson's 5.943 at 238.30.







Team owner, Tom Shelar checked out the track while Walt Stevens heads up track to perform his duty of back-up specialist.



Out of the waterbox came Mendy Fry and Jim Murphy to see who would go to the final.






Murphy was away first but that was short lived.








Murphy went into tire smoke at the 60' mark, game over.









Fry once again showed everyone that the High Speed car was by far the class of the field, carding a 5.600 at 250.97. Murphy coasted through.




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