After showers overnight eliminations got underway under cloudy skies and cool temps. Picking up where Saturday left off, the delayed first round of floppers opened with Jason Rupert and Dan Horan Jr.





Only one word could describe the first race, ugly. Horan was shut off and Rupert was basically done at the hit.







Rupert took the win with a 18.992 at 49.63. Kiss lane choice goodbye.







Pair two pitted Steve Densham and Geoff Monise.





Densham left first by a bunch.








Densham took this heat with a 5.697 at 252.24.





After a 0.300 RT Monise clicked it early to a 7.104 at 113.78.






Next pair matched Brad Thompson and Bobby Cottrell.





Cottrell left first and never looked back.













Cottrell took the win with a 5.621 at 254.47. After a blower boom Thompson trailed with a 6.048 at 181.32.







Out next was Rian Konno who only lives to drive this car and Jeff Arend who has driven most anything with four wheels.




For the holeshot win of the meet, Konno's 0.016 drilled Arend's 0.141 reaction time.












Try as he did, Arend couldn't reel in Konno who took the win with a 5.848 at 241.89 to a quicker and faster 5.752 at 256.89.






The fifth pair of eight was Mark Sanders and Paul Romine.






Sanders got a slight jump but Romine ate it up by the 330' mark.








At the strip it was Romine with a 5.813 at 232.63 to Sanders shut off 6.536 at 156.92.







Next pair up was two heavy weight Canadian campaigners, Tim Boychuck and Ryan Hodgson.





Boychuck grabbed a big hunk of the tree leaving Hodgson to play catch up.












At the stripe it was Hodgson with a 5.701 at 257.33. Boychuck clicked it at the 1000' mark to a 6.000 at 216.34.







Pair seven pitted Shawn Bowen and Matt Bynum.



Bowen left first and never saw Bynum.











Bowen took the win with a nice 5.681 at 251.06. Bynum was right there with a 5.710 at 259.61.





The final pair of the session to fill up the round two ladder were Mike Halstead in the greatly improved Code Red car and Cory Lee in his new ride for 2018.





Lee left first but with two dead holes his advantage was gone before the tree.










This was all Halstead with a 5.892 at 253.28.





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