Under some of the best weather of the weekend, Top Fuel teed up right before round two of funny car. Hitting the waterbox first was Brendan Murry and Pete Wittenberg.




Both cars left together with Wittenberg carding the best early numbers.














Wittenberg took the win with a 5.840 at 221.92,






Pair two found Bret Williamson paired with Dan Horan Jr.






Williamson got a slight lead at the hit.










With a substantial lead, Williamson started having engine issues before the 1000' mark and then bursted into a ball of flames that lasted all the way to the first return road.












Due to the lone qualifying session, two drivers who would normally be in the top half of the field pitted #1 Mendy Fry and #8 Adam Sorokin.










Sorokin was his usual self with a stellar 0.048 RT. However, the master was second best as Fry cut an even better 0.036 light. You will hardly ever see these kinds of reaction times in a Top Fuel race. Great job both.








We had a drag race until it wasn't.



Sorokin lit the tires at the 60' mark and was left to watch Fry motor to the traps.














Sorokin recovered and gave chase but it was way too late to cover Fry's monster 5.696 at 261.42 which was low ET for the round by a ton.


Fry not only took the win but she had Tim Marshall riding with her. One of Tim's wishes was to have some of his ashes in Mendy's chute at the March Meet. Wish granted.






The final pair of round one had reigning series champion Jim Murphy and Rick White in his first race after a year sabbatical.








White got a jump on Murphy and held the lead for an eighth mile.

























Sending gifts to the aluminum gods Murphy scored the win with a 5.840 at 231.08 with White having his own problems carding a 6.228 at 242.71.







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