Session One - Friday


The first session of Top Fuel opened with the 2017 Top Fuel Champion Jim Murphy in his WW2 Racing Neal & Parks car and Dan Horan Jr. in his late father's fueler being run as a tribute to "Digger Dan" Horan. Little did either know this would be the only qualifying session to set Sunday's eliminations ladder.
















Murphy had problems early and clicked it to a 6.402 at 166.72 which would amazingly be good for the #4 spot/. Horan was also done early and coasted to a 7.038 at 135.00 which put him #7.






Pair two featured two NTF veterans Rick McGee and Mendy Fry in the High Speed Motorsports fueler that finished #2 in the 2017 Top Fuel Championship points.

Local favorite McGee was out in the Tedford & McGee purple car redux. After beating their heads against the wall for the last three years with the Uyehara car they bought from Tony Bartone they pulled old faithful out of the rafters with thoughts of going back to the consistent 5.7 runs this car made in its prime. But due to the advancements in technology since this war horse had an engine in its frame rails any old data they had was for naught.



























Fry clicked it at the 1000' mark and still carded a nice 5.736 at just 219.51 which showed everyone the track was there. The time put her #1 with a bullet, a full two tenths quicker than the #2 car. McGee was done early and had to coast to a 13.982 at 63.63 which left him on the outside looking in.





The third pair out was Pete Wittenberg in the "Circuit Breaker" and Canadian Phil Ruskowski in his SBC powered car.










Wittenberg's 6.305 at 167.14 would be good for the #3 hole while Ruskowski put oil on the track which negated his 6.30 (which would have been good for #4). He joined McGee as another DNQ.







Pair four matched Brendan Murry in his "Running Wild Racing" entry and Bret Williamson in Mike Fuller's "Forever Young" Uyehara car.


















Williamson became only the second car in the fives. His 5.933 at 247.47 put him #2 two tenths behind Fry and three tenths better than #3. Murry shut off early to a at 6.706 at 152.90 which landed him #6.







Next pair to take a shot at a iffy track was Tim Cullinan who made the trek from Des Plaines IL, to experience his first outing at the fabled Famoso drag strip. Sadly it was not what he hoped for. The one shot qualifying left him #10 in an eight car show. In the other lane was another victim of the lone shot at the track Dusty Green in the "Nitro Hemi" car out of Colorado.












Green's 7.616 at 131.79 missed the field by a tenth, he was #9 and going home. Joining him was Cullinan who's first and only run at Famoso netted a 11.455 at 82.90.





The last pair trying to make this amazingly slow field was Adam Sorokin in the fan favorite Champion Speed Shop canopy car and Rick White, who after sitting out the 2107 season, retuned to the fray in the Neal & White car out of San Diego. It was great to see them back.






White left hard and was on a good pass. Sorokin immediately smoked the tires.














White had problems late and coasted to a 6.690 at 213.20 which put him #5. Sorokin had the presence of mind to let the car settle then pedal it to a 7.515 at 215.27 which made the show in the #8 spot.

With a 90% chance of rain on Saturday all were aware this could be the final order, and it was.











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