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Danny "BUZZ" Broussard got Keith Black into drag racing with the Greer & Black & Prudhomme car this is at Pomona the trick air scope and zoomie headers where yet to come this was brand new but everyone would know who they where shortly as they set records and started winning like clock work.



Wayne Ewing had set a high standard for body work both beautiful and functional it was clean and drag racing would forever have it's own look from other forms of racing.The Greer & Black & Prudhomme team at Pomona.



The Smokers March Meet , The Hawaiian of Roland Leong, Keith Black and Danny Broussard to tern Roland lose on the rest of the country.



Lions The Davis & Moody car Danny Broussard hands on hips getting ready for another Saturday night race.


The "Mangler" Davis & Broussard & Ongias back in the days when it was like going to a bar full of thugs found there way to the winners circle more then once they earned there Respect!


Roy Thode in the Gotelli Speed Shop car (far lane) at HMB in 1967.



1967 NHRA Winternationals



Ron Rivero ready to roll.



Bob Muravez aka Floyd Lippencott Jr. and Freight Train owner John Peters celenbrating one of many AA/GD wins the duo racked up in the 60's.



Don Enriquez in the Adams & Enriquez "Double Eagle" short lived twin engine injected TF car in 1970.



"Used Car Lot" - Yea, right! This was taken at Airline Auto Sales in 1963 when the team hooked up with Jack Flatley who owned Orange County Metal Processing (OCMP). No clue what the Frantic 4, the OCMP and Airline Auto dragsters were doing on the lot but you can bet they weren't the daily specials.



This shot of Bill Martin 400 Jr. (and the one below) were taken from a still shots from the Munsters TV series, where Herman becomes a drag racer.


Butch Patrick aka "Edward Wolfgang Munster" in character during a TV shoot in Nando Hasse's "Raider Wheels" AA/FD.



Art Malone in the pits at Lions during the his first appearance on the west coast in 1962.



Looks like it could be the Airline Auto car in 1964 but if its not, whoever it is they have a serious fuel deliver issue.



Bob Neal in Arnold Birkey's Jr. Fuel car at Sacramento in 1968. This was their stepping stone to Top Fuel. The fuel leak is an omen.



"Buffalo Bob" Haines going over the cockpit of Haines and Cross (Cal-Equip) car at Fremont in 1963.








Brown & Keulan circa 1963.



Twin engine Buick in London wasa former Ivo rail bought by Ron Pelligrini. Who knows how it got to the UK.



Jim McClennan with his race car and a blond. The End..



Share your parts. The is of the Syndicate at Riverside.



Paul "the Voice of OCIR" Culley at the controls of the pit roller starter with John Blanchard's "Gladiator" hittin the mag switch."



Frakes and Dale Funks twin engine AA/GD.



Davis and Moody on the topend of Lions in 1962.





Dick Clark's American Bandstand with Rod Dunne and the American Bandstand Special circa late 1969.


Rick Stewart in his very last ride, the CC Dunne American Bandstand Spec. RCS car at Long Beach in 1970.





No Info at all



Down Under but who?



Ron Rivero in the Don Long, Hanna body and paint by Carney K&G Speed Associates fueler at OCIR in 1968. The late Alan Earman and Mike Mitchell shootin' on the rail.



Jim Dunn - "Green Mountain Boys" - AA/FD - Lions, 1967. One of three so-called "Woody Trick Cars" due to the unique front suspension.


This Woody "trick" front end that I found at one of our local swap meets some 12 years ago for $165, was the remains from the Green Mountain boys car of Jim Dunn. This unit was run for sometime before it was cut off and replaced with the conventional front end. It remained in Woody's shop for many years before someone talked him out of it. Lucky for me when this came up for sale at the various Southern Calif. swap meets no one wanted it, the owner moved to Washington State and I was at the right place at the right time and scored. It hangs here just above me as I type on the computer, now this is what I call a "computer room", no room dividers here. BTW the first trick front end that most of you are all aware of was the same one that was on the Texan car of the Anderson Brothers that Kenny Bernstein drove. This car later crashed so this unit that I have could be the only existing one left.
Photos and commentary from Tom Willford in 2005





Finn & Warwick from Texas, no further info.



No ID at Edmonton International Raceway circa 1969. The walkway off the second floor was one of the bitchinest places ever to watch a race.



Bill Brodeck's "Iron Horse" flathead digger at Lions that appears to be bleeding to death.



Wish I had more info on this shot taken at the Greek's shop in Chicago. Looks like his 1966 Fuller car before paint. Car's being loaded onto a very crude trailer ... with much improvisation I may add. That's my guess, what's yours?



Bill Coburn's "Coburn Glaze" AA/MFC at Fontana in 1964. Driven by Neil Leffler it was another "fuel dragster in disguise" that often scored well in the weekly SoCal open AA/FD shows. Messerschmidt body - how cool.



This was one of many Scotty Finn's designes tried in the early 60's. This is at Fontana circa 1964 and by accounts, it was short lived.



Don Prudhomme - "Ansen & Pink" - AA/FD - 1963. This is the Zeuschel-Fuller-Prudhomme car under new ownership and sporting a full body.



Ted Gotelli with Roy Thode in the seat at Fremont circa 1966.



Don Garlits suiting up at Half Moon Bay in 1966. Connie Swingle on the right.





I have NO clue. Something Willis' Garlits Special. Looks like Lions circa 1966.



The GBP car in the lanes at the 1964 Winternationals at Pomona. This is its first outing after being lengthened and painted orange. The car was sold later that year.




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