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Wayne King in his brand new RCS Sub-Frame car at OCIR in 1972. If you know what you're looking for you can see parts of the sub-frame that held the engine and rear end. Don Ewald and Walt Rhodes had the other two.



Gary Beck into the traps at OMS during the 1975 NHRA World Finals.



The team of Beebe & Murphy roamed the country. This is what they toured with in 1973. (Jim) Murphy next to camper, (Tim) Beebe behind it. These two did a lot of racing together then hooked back up again years later to run a Nostalgia Top Fuel car.



Don Long cars a pair. It appears here that Vic Brown in the Creitz & Dill entry is out on Don Moody in the Walton-Cerny-Moody car during the 1973 Supernationals at OMS.



Don't have anything on Denny Lucas or this car. Where or when.



In 1975 the team of Gary Beck and Ray Peets had a very class act sponsored by Canadian cigarette company, Export A.



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