Non Driver Drag Racing Nicknames
Added in the order I get them - submit their role in drag racing with the name(s).

"Hermie the Mooch" - Bill Hermes
"Weasel" - Bob Brant
"Waldo" - John Gillespie
"LV" - Linda Vaughan
"Wolfy" - Bobby Clober
"Romel" - Larry Stellings
"Buzz" - Dan Broussard
"Top Cat", "TC" - Tommy Lemons
"Dooner" - Don Alderson
"TriForm John" - John Billings
"Savage" - Red O'Donnell
"Stump" - Caroll Davis
"Pit Crew" - Pete Starrett
"Big Gene" - Gene Townley
"Poncho" - Roberto Rendon
"Oly Pop" - Dick Olson
"Firesuit Phil" - Phil Pofahi
"Hippo" - Everett Brammer
"Mole" - Ed Donovan
"Farmer" - Bill Dismuke
- Paul Gunther
"Pappy" - C.J. Hart
"The Dones" - Bill Doner
"Diamond Jim" - Jim Annin
"Blood" - Kenny Youngblood
"Mad Max" - Max Romero
"Elephant" - George Burkhart
"Colonel" - John Hogan
"Fats" - Don MacKay
"Tug Boat" - Paul Candies
"Big Hook" - Steve Gibbs
"Shadow" - Mike Guger
"Waterbed Fred" - Fred Miller
"Hot Tip" - Mickey Winters
"The Professor" - Ron Welty
"Nitro John" - John Blanchard
"Jungle Pam"- Pam Hardy
"Light Lunch" - Bob Crisp
"Chops" - Tim Beebe
"Coca Crow" - Fred Crow
"Okie" - Mike McKissik
“Barney” - Rick Oldfield
"Hop Sing" - Roland Leong
"Water Bucket" - Sid Waterman
"Zorro" - Dave Zuchel
"Eight in the Pan Dan" - Dan Olson
"Lean Gene" - Gene Adams
"The Reverend" - Keith Black
"Hand Grenade" - Jim Brissette
"Rice Man" - Roger Lee
"Baby Huey" - Dale Jones
"Old Man" - Frank Huszar
"Woody" - Garwood Gilmore
"The Old Master" - Ed Pink
"Spider" - Razon
"Weed" - Tim Kraushaar
"Li'l John" - John Buttera
"Big John" - John Mazmanian
"The Camfather", "Isky" - Ed Iskindarian
"Fat Jack" - Jack Bynum
"Mousie" - Al Marcellis
"Surfer Dude" - Tom Jobe
"Kuhl One" - Mike Kuhl
"Hands" - August Hartkopf
"Big Mac" - Dave McClelland
"Jazzy" - Jim Nelson
"The Twin-Pins" - Ruth Billings and Jane Keaton
"Rass" - John Rasmussen
"Jack Sprat" - Jack Turner
"Taster" - Frank Fedak
"Famous Amos" - Amos Satterlee
"Banes" - Lou Baney
"Fuzzy" - Carter
"Wavemaker" - Don Prieto
"Chops" - Tim Beebe
"Dangerous Dan" - Dan Fergueson

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