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Under the lights 16 cars paired up to see who would race in the daylight Sunday. First pair out was Bill Windham and Tony Jurado.



Both RTs were not stellar but Windam did get a slight jump.



The slight jump was all Windham got. Jurado scored a solid 5.841 at 255.15 win. Windham coasted through at a Prius time.





Pair two pitted #14 and #3, Brad Thompson and Billy Morris.



Morris got a slight jump and never looked back.




Morris pulled away to a stout 5.664 at 257.63 win. Thompson carded a shut off 6.293 at 194.52.






#1 Bobby Cottrell chose to go third in the right lane. Jeff Utterback was in the left lane.






Cottrell drilled Utterback to the tree and went on to a 5.623 at 260.16 win.





Next pair matched #15 Chris Davis and #2 Tim Boychuk.





Davis got a jump but that was it.




Boychuk motored away to a 5.808 at 245.05 win while Davis coasted to a 6.149 at 196.93 trip home.





Ironically the two drivers who met in all three qualifying rounds also met in round one of eliminations. Must have been a blue thing. Dan Horan Jr. right lane, Cory Lee left lane.







Lee not only left first but also outran Horan with 5.794 at 258.02. Horan slowed a tenth from qualifying carding a losing 5.800 at 259.81.






Up next was a pair from up north. Nathan Sitko and Drew Austin.




Austin left first by a bunch but it wasn't enough. Sitko's 5.717 at 251.16 drove around Austin's 5.831 at 242.54 for the win.





Next to last pair was the #8 and #9 cars, James Day and Mike Peck Sr.







Day left first, Day got there first. His 5.706 at 247.93 murdered Pecks 6.037 at 227.54.





Rounding out E1 were closely matched Matt Bynum and Kamaka Pocock.




Pocock got the jump (0.085 to 0.116) and it was Bynum who had to play catch up.



At the other end it was Bynum in a close one. His 5.882 at 241.32 ran down Pocock's 5.914 at 230.84. On to Sunday.









Following the National Anthem the first pair of top fuel fired up. It was Pete Kaiser and Bret Williamson, who was in on the break rule when Shayne Stewart could not make the call.




Kaiser got a huge jump (0.098 to a 0.209) and was gone for good.






Kaiser took the win with a 5.684 at 258.17. Williamson's 7.386 125.44 officially ended his heart breaking 2022 season.





Pair two pitted #1 and #8. Tyler Hilton in his new love and hard core drag racer Brian Hall in a borrowed firesuit following last nights inferno. If you remember back to Bowling Green, Hilton had his baptism by fire there.







If Hall had another fire on his mind his RT sure didn't show it as he got a huge jump ( 0.077 to a 0.205).



Hall started hazing the tires just past the tree spelling the end to a game effort by team NOMAD.







With the nipping of pistons Hilton moved on with a sterling 5.592 at 248.75.





Pete Wittenberg and Jim Murphy were paired up to see who would go to the semis.








Murphy left first, and then he didn't. Before the tires could wrinkle the input shaft broke. Call it good luck. Had it happened at the 330' mark, ala Mendy Fry in 2019, the damage would have been catastrophic. Nonetheless, it put an exclamation mark on a forgettable season.






With Murpy dead in the water, Wittenberg powered on to a 5.668 at 249.76 to move on.




Wittenberg stopped the clocks with a 5.668 at 249.76.





The final pair were #6 and #3. Tyler Hester and Adam Sorokin.




No surprise at all, Sorokin got the jump (0.088 to a 0.179) and he would need it.










Approaching the traps the Champion car burst into flames....







Sorokin held on to beat Hester's 5.763 at 235.23 with a slower 5.814 at 234.25, but at a price. The damage couldn't be repaired to make the call for the semis.










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