Funny Car & Top Fuel Sessions Two




Funny Car Q2



First pair out for FC Q2 was Drew Austin and Chris Davis.








First to the strip was Austin carding a 5.889 at 245.81. Davis slowed to a 6.427 at 199.45.




Second pair matched Dan Horan Jr. and Cory McClenathan who was having lots of problems getting his NFC program together.


Burnout, shut off, exit stage left.





Horan shut off early to a 5.98 at 235.23 standing on his earler 5.70.08.








Third pair matched Matt Bynum and Geoff Monise.









Bynum’s 5.9832 at 222.33 put him #9. Monise had problems early and shut off to a 7.32 which left him 15th after day one.





Tim Boychuk was din the show, James Day not.





Day carded a nice 5.77 at 241.28 but was DQed for oil down. Boychuk went to the #2 spot with a stellar 5.68 at 252.52.





Out next was Jeff Gregory and Mike Peck Sr.




Peck went on to qualify 6th with a 5.765 at 255.97. Gregory had issues early and shut off remaining in the 18th spot.





This means....


Brad Thompson is up next paired with Tony Jurado.









Neither car improved and ended up 8th and 12th respectively.








Session two concluded with two singles, the first being Nathan Sitko.







To end the session it was Billy Morris on a single.











Top Fuel Qualifying Session Two

Saturday noonish


Top Fuel was led off by the Texas based SBB car of Michael Anderson and Brian "Nomad" Hall.












Hall carded a 5.88 at just 194.27



Anderson was running on aluminum to a 6.09 at 204.23 which would be his best but only good for the 10th spot. No Sunday for the Texan.





Taking their second shot were Brendan Murry and Shawn Bowen.









Murry slowed to a 6.114 at 215.82 while Bowen shut off to a 6.60 at 147.50.





Next out were a pair of the odds on favorites. Tyler "Hemi" Hilton and Pete "Fritz" Kaiser.










Apparently all eyes were on Hilton who carded a 5.69 at just 220.91 (still sneaking up on the hemi). Kaiser blasted at 5.66 at a much faster 255.63.





Next, at the hit was Tyler Hester and Pete Wittenberg.










Wittenberg went to the #4 spot with a 5.764 at 243.41. Hester stayed in the top half of the field with a 5.89 at 238.84. The Overtime Special was showing big promise.





There were three SBC powered cars on the property, this was one of them, Phil Ruskowski. In the other lane was Shayne Stewart.













Stewart carded a 5.854 at 258.57 which was top speed of the round. Ruskowski coasted to a 6.89 at 174.10.





Adam Sorokin was paired with Frank McBee Jr. nearing the end of Q2.














Sorokin's 5.80 at 242.32 did not improve and he remained in the #3 hole. McBee shut off way early to a 6.75 at 148.81. Rumor had it that the McBee team was basically using the race as a test session for 2023.






Da Bunnie BUGs for Dusty Green


The last pair to shuffle the ladder were Jim Murphy and Dusty Green.
















Green went up in smoke while Murphy jumped into the top 8 with a 5.84 at just 208.78.






The final car was Bret Willamson still trying to play on Sunday.




Once again the points leader had issues and had to shut off. With one shot left his 6.79 at 135.55 left him on the outside looking in.













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