BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (June 19 2021) – After a full year we would all like to forget, the 2021 NHRA Holley National Hot Rod Reunion presented by AAA Insurance roared to life with an action packed Thursday featuring classic cars, nostalgic quarter-mile drag racing, and legends of the sport at Beech Bend Raceway Park. The three-day event paid tribute to the love affair America has with the car culture and celebrates the passion of the owners and their machines.

Changing up my normal race lead-in, Here are some first hand impressions by Bob Brown of the 2021 National Hot Rod Reunion at Beech Bend Raceway Park, Bowling Green, KY. It was his first trip back.

"Coming from California, as a first timer to the NHRR I was quite taken with the beauty of the place. The track and amusement park are set in rolling hills and pastures, with plenty of trees to provide shade. Didn't see a sprinkler in sight, yet everything is green with rain throughout the year. We media guys even had grass to kneel on for shooting trackside photos which was a welcome thing, indeed. The higher levels of humidity, coupled with high temperatures were the price to be paid for the greenery. I suppose in due time I would adjust to this climate but for the few days I was there, I'll be honest…it was a factor. And I was told that it can be much worse than what I experienced, so I'll curtail my whining and get onto racing.

Thursday and Friday gave all classes two qualifying runs each day, so things were pretty well shaken-out by Saturday morning for Eliminations. Keeping track of the myriad of classes at the NHRR that rolled through was beyond my skills- I just kept the shutter going and sorted out the results later by what appeared in shoe polish on the windshields. Midwest Nostalgia Modified, Modified Eliminator, Nostalgia Super Stock, Nostalgia Pro Stock… you get the idea. And then there was Hot Rod as the catchall class for any door cars that weren't already covered.\

Probably the most enjoyable classes that I witnessed outside of the fuel cars were the Geezer Gassers and Scott Rods. They are similar in that they are mostly comprised of pre and postwar Willys, Chevys, Anglias and other cars. The Scott Rods (if I got this correctly) as a group seem to be a step up in performance with the letters AA/GS appearing on the windows. Those guys really churned out the tiresmoke and had the power to keep the wheels up at will. Their BUG's were organized as well, running through billows of tiresmoke to lead their cars back to the line. They did often did this with one hand on the hip while directing the car with the other. Classy!"

All class winners are covered on page 7


Special thanks to Bob Brown and the Sopko trio for the great photos.

Without further ado, lets go racin'.






Top Fuel to the staging lanes. Due to the short field and to pay respect to all the top fuel cars that graced the legendary grounds of Beech Bend, there are an abundance of photos. Maybe an over kill now but they will be cherished memories in years to come. Trust me, I know. Hope you enjoy the coverage.







Not being shy, the first pair to test the waters were Tyler Hilton and Dan Horan Jr. Both would be key players as the weekend moved on.


















With their chutes in the wind Hilton carded a 6.03 which would stand as low of the session. Horan clicked it early to a 6.30 which would be good for a provisional and short lived #6.








The second pair pitted Jimmy Young and Tim Cullinan. both dressed in green.











Young tested the track early and failed. The weekend was young (did I really say that?)













Points contender Jim Murphy and Mike Taylor were the next pair out.


















Murphy's 6.066 would be good for the #2 best for the session. Taylor smoked the tires before posting a 7.24.





For whatever reason, Julius Hughes started a string of single runs.












A/Fuel stars, the Grand Prix Speed shop gang, have upped their game to Top Fuel. Adding a second nitro burner to their stable, this ex-Brian VanDyke "R&B Entertainment" car that was driven by Adam Sorokin.

With Garry Wheeler now in the seat, Jon Brook and his team are learning the perils of adding a supercharger. They found that peril on their first and only qualifying run. Wheeler's 6.10 would have put him in the show but the team put the wounded fueler in the box and concentrated on their A/Fuel car which ultimately won 6.0 Pro.

















On what was recorded as a licensing run, John Lorbiecki in the Diamond Dave entry posted a 6.09.










TF Session Two




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NHRR Cacklefest & Honorees


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