2022 March Meet








The first pair out for the one day 16 car show was Geoff Monise and Tim Boychuck.


Neither driver shined on the tree but Boychuck has a slight jump.








Monise took the win with a 5.706 at 253.09. Boychuck kept him honest carding a 5.847 at 234.94.





Pair two pitted #15 Kamaka Pocock and #2 Billy Morris.



Pocock got a big jump leaving Morris to play catch-up.






Morris did catch up and win with a 5.634 at 249.21. Pocock went home carding a 5.871 at 247.29.





Pair three was #16 Gary Densham and #1 Drew Austin and it was over at the hit. Densham went nowhere,



Austin cut an .062 light and scooted on to the stripe with a 5.648 at 253.37.







Next out was Bobby Cottrell and John Weaver. #3 vs #14.



Weaver was a day late (.211) and all he saw was Cottrell's chute packs.





Cottrell moved on with a solid 5.632 at 244.16. Weaver called it quits with a 6.310 at 163.14.





Rian Konno was paired with Jerry Espeseth and it was over early. The Atlas car went up in smoke, end of deal.





Konno carded a winning 5.754 at 247.11.





The next pair pitted Dan Horan Jr. and Matt Melendez. Both were dead asleep on the lights but it was Melendez who got the jump.








Horan went around to win with a 5.677 at 261.12.





Next out it was two northwest drivers; Kris Krabill and Justin Taylor.



Krabill left first and never looked back.






Krabill took the win with a 5.811 at 237.55





The final pair of E1 was Cory Lee and Mike Peck who lost his chute on the burnout. That is a suck way to lose. Lee had the single.





Lee moved to round two with a 5.687 at 262.28. No loafing on this bye.








Leading off top fuel was Brendan Murry and Bret Williamson.




Williamson's RT was not good but Murry's .469 was really forgettable.







Williamson ran his only run out of the 5's but it was good enough for the win. His 6.047 at 210.37 was more than enough for Murry's 8.194.





Up next was #7 Tyler Hester and #2 Pete Wittenberg.



It was Hester with a huge holeshot. Wittenberg was late (.234) and had a whole lot of catching up to do.







Hester made his best pass of the weekend, a 5,918 at an engine wounding 204.39. Wittenberg gave it all he had but his 5.869 at 243.11 fell short by a half car.






Pair three pitted Jim Murphy and Bryan Hall.





Hall was away first.










From half track on it was all Murphy who took the win with a 5.970 at 215.44. Hall clicked it a bit early to a 6.622 at 206.54.





The final pair was Adam Sorokin and Tyler Hilton.



Sorokin is one of the best leavers in the business but not this day. His .249 RT made Hilton's .160 look quick.








Hilton never saw the red car and took a sub-par 6.071 at 185.64 win and moved on.






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