2022 March Meet






The first pair out for Q2 was John Weaver and Tim Boychuck.




Due to a malfunction in the timing lights both cars were shut off.




After repairs it was Brad Thompson and Bobby Cottrell in the waterbox.








Cottrell did not improve with a 5.71 @ 252.14 and would remain #3. Thompson was done early and ended up #18.





Making his first and only attempt to qualify for the show was Matt Melendez in the seat of his "Cacklin' Critter" '70 Challenger. Out for his second shot was Billy Morris.







Morris pulled away to record a solid 5.603 at 257.14 which would be good for the #2 spot on Sunday.


Melendez went securely into the show with a 5.791 at 232.56.





Next out was Dan Horan Jr. and Jeff Gregory.







Horan improved with a 5.701 at 253.99 good for #6. Gregory was a DNQ,





Next it was Don Knoblauch and Jerry Espeseth.



Espeseth was shut off on the line,



Knoblauch fell short with a 6.835





Next pair was John Weaver and Tim Boychuck.






Boychuck improved and made the show with a 5.835 at 232.97. Weaver landed #14 with a 5.975 at just 179.45.





Enter James Day and Terry Jongewaard.









Day laid down a spectacular 5.585 at 243.56. With the run came the combination of smoke, fire, and safety bottles engaged. The end result, per March Meet rules, was the disqualification of the run, and eventually a DNQ.

Jongewaard failed to qualify.






After a clean up it was Justin Taylor and Cory Lee.






In the lights it was Lee stopping the clocks with a 5.735 at 253.52 which improved his position to #8. Taylor stayed #10 with his earler 5.764.





Up nexrt was the pole sitter Drew Austin and Cory McClenathan.









Austin stayed #1 with his previous 5.592 while McClenathan improved with a 6.076 which just missed the show at #19.





Out next was Geoff Monise and Kamaka Pocock.








Pocock did not impove and stayed #15 while Monise stayed #5 with his Q1 5.688.





Out for their second and final shot were Gary Densham and Bob Godfrey.






Godfry was done early and was a DNQ, Densham landed on the bubble with a 6.014 at 231.16.





The session would close out with three singles beginning with Rian Konno.





Done very early was Konno who stayed in the #13 spot.





Next trying to plug his way in was Mike Peck.





Peck came up big time carding a 7.756 at 255.34.





The final car trying to improve their position was Kris Krabill.






Krabill carded a 5.719 at 253.52 for the #7 spot for round one on Sunday.







Two cars that had a sub-par Q1 were the first pair out - Brian Hall and Adam Sorokin.









Both cars improved with Sorokin running a 6.092 at 221.74 and Hall with a 6.844 at 150.63. Both made the show with times that would better fit A/Fuel.




Pair two was Brendan Murry and Tyler Hilton.









Hilton stayed #4 with his 6.062 while Murry stayed on the bump with his 7.187.






Next out was Pete Wittenberg and Dan Horan Jr.






Horan went into tire shake, again.


Wittenberg went from zero to hero with a 5.863 at 240.94 moving him into the #2 spot.



Horan, to the surprise of all, was #9, out of the show with hopefully one session left. As it turned out that 3rd session never came and the 2021 Champ was the DNQ.




Out next was the poll sitter Bret Williamson and Tyler Hester.








Williamson dropped the top fuel hammer again with a 5.789 at 252.90 retaining the #1 spot. Hester stayed #7.





Jim Murphy was the final car out for the session.










Murphy carded a better time, 5.937 at 235.27 but still stayed #3.





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