Sunday Eliminations and Winner's Circle


Sunday morning began for me with my usual walk through the pits, photographing preparation of the cars and talking with crews about their plans for the day. Bob Brown




Right off the bat, I encountered Alex Miladinovich's crew warming up the Hot-4-Teacher Big Show FC. My eyes were fried from the nitromethane fumes for the next 20 minutes, not a good way to start the day. Later on, Alex is seen here in pit chore-mode, smiling while carrying a bag of ice to the cooler after the warmup.



On to Jim Murphy's pit for another motor warmup.


Jim tests the nitro percentage. No glass hydrometer used here... Jim says the electronic tester is very accurate and includes more data for a better mix in current conditions.



I swung by Randy Winkle's "Famoso Speed Shop" garage where his Anglia was out being readied for the day.


Last pit stop of the morning was at Bakersfield local racer Dragster Jeff Crider's. Jeff is very competitive in his NE2 dragster shown here, competing in the 8.60 class at DragFest.


Jeff also displayed his historic K-88 chassis dragster with a Chevy engine. This chassis ran 172mph in 1962 at Half Moon Bay! Later on, NHRA later disallowed the car due to its 92" wheelbase, so Jeff added an 8" extension to the chassis pipes and drag link to meet their 100" minimum WB requirement. Today, it is his pit-mobile.



The very first car down the track on Sunday was- get this... was Alex Miladinovich's Hot-4-Teacher Big Show funny car on another licensing pass.




Jim Murphy was right on Alex's heels, being the second car down the track for the day.




Steve Walker faced Randy Winkle in his Anglia in the first round of eliminations for the 10.60 class. Walker took the win.


Tom Bayer (far lane) takes out Ron Workman in another 10.60 race.


Tim Bewley took an easy win on a single for his 10.60 first round.


Bruce Boardman begins his successful day in 10.60. This '55 is very entertaining to watch as he always goes wheels-up.


Moving to 9.60, Ron Rosso's Corvette took out Brian Smith's Cougar for their first round matchup.


Ron Anzalone defeated Jeff Harris in their 9.60 race.


Interesting matchup here- Meghan Gorman (near lane) takes out Tim Gorman in 9.60 racing. Wonder if they're related?


Ken "Racer" Brown drew a single when Scott Russell was a no-show.


Moving on to the 8.60 class, Tony Bromley's Pontiac Tempest gets eliminated by Doug Hampton's Fairlane.


Gary Davis drew a bye in the 8.60 first round.


On to the 7.60 hitters where Randy Winkle ran the Strange Brew car against the steel bodied Poncho of Jim Data. Jim pulled an amazing wheelstand and crossed lanes, handing the win to Randy.




The other matchup in 7.60 featured Charlie See against Eric Christianson. Eric couldn't make the call, so Charlie soloed to a win in the first round.


Round One of A/FX featured Ken Moreland in his red Chevrolet and Marv Reisner in his black '65 Dodge.



A couple of contenders in Hot Rod Round 2 were Rich Fernandez and Tim Bewley, respectively.



Jeff Crider made it through to Round 2 of the 8.60 class, shown here doing his burnout.


A/FX Round two featured Dave Budgett (Mustang) against Cliff Lozis (not shown). The other "pair" turned out to be a single with Chris O'Donnell in his '65 Dodge. Budgett would face O'Donnell in the final.



Tim Bewley drew a bye run in this 10.60 semifinal.






Moving onto the 9.60 final, Ron Anzalone in the Sissel 'T' straight 6 ran against Ken "Racer Brown" in the yellow Chevy. Ken took the trophy.



For the 8.60 final, it was Dragster Jeff Crider in the far lane against Gary Davis in his Camaro with Gary taking the win.


In the 7.60 final, Randy Winkle in his Strange Brew was pitted against the always-tough Charlie See in his roadster. Charlie took the victory.




There were other class finals, but I couldn't cover the Winner's Circle and the racing at the same time.





Trophies were awarded to each class winner and the respective runnerup.


7.60 Champ was Charlie See





7.60 RU was Randy Winkle





8.60 Champ was Gary Davis





8.60 RU was Bakersfield's own Dragster Jeff Crider





9.60 Champ was Ken "Racer Brown" in his well-known yellow Chevy




9.60 RU was Ron & Marla Anzalone in the Sissell '23 T. Ron had already trailered the car and headed for home, so Marla received the trophy presented by event promoter, Randy Winkle.




10.60 Champ was Tim Bewley





10.60 RU was the hard charging '55 Chevy named Bad Obsession, driven by Bruce Boardman.






11.60 Champ was Jim Hulse in his Datsun 240-Z





11.60 RU was Bob Zahner in his red Chevy Nova





A/FX Champ was Dave Budgett in his '70 Mustang. I didn't see runner-up Chris O'Donnell come through the line.





"Open Wheel-Hot Rod 9.60-16.00" class champ was Robert Alther riding his Harley Davidson 'Screaming Eagle'.




"Open Wheel-Hot Rod 9.60-16.00" RU was Chris Fredrickson in his Mopar





That wraps up the 2019 DragFest race at Bakersfield. Here's hoping Randy Winkle and Rod & Kulture Magazine team up again next year for another fine event!



Saturday Qualifying and Test & Tune



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