Las Vegas, NV - October 29, 2018:

Following the 2018 NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion, the All-American Fuel Dragsters coalition dispatched a quartet of front-engine Nostalgia Top Fuel ambassadors to the NHRA Toyota Nationals at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on October 25th-28th. The results were more than positive.

Leading off the four teams was the 2018 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series Top Fuel Champion, Mendy Fry in the High Speed Motorsports car of Tom Shelar. Filling the field was Adam Sorokin and the fan favorite Champion Speed Shop SBC entry of Bob McLennan. Mike Fuller's "Forever Young" with Bret Williamson in the seat and Tyler Hilton driving the worlds quickest and fastest big block Chevy fueler "Great Expectations III".

Going in, the intention was to promote the Heritage Racing Series and to introduce the Nostalga Top Fuel class to fans who may not have been faniliar with them. With a sell out crowd at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (aka The Strip) and world wide live coverage on NHRA All Access streaming video, it was mission accomplished.

The quad ran once Saturday between Pro Qualifying and once Sunday in prime time before the final rounds. You will see by the photos that the stands were full... the fans wanted to see these cars run. They were not disappointed.

It is this writer's hope that with the professional manner the class was presented over the weekend will draw new fans to 1320 foot fuel drag racing and moreso, those who are thinking about going fuel dragster racing but don't have the millions of dollars for a Big Show budget. NTF is fast and fun. Check it out.

That said, we didn't have NHRA media credentials so the photos below should be apprecitated for what they are. Thanks to Arlene Eliason and Angela Reeves for covering the best they could,






Unlike Saturday and Sunday, the Friday exhibition was not in prime time. Following Pro Qualifying and jet cars the first pair was Bret Williamson and Adam Sorokin.
















Sorokin got there first in the Champion Speed Shop small block Chevrolet to a 5.83 ET at 212 MPH. Williamson ran a 5.90 ET at 219 MPH in the Mike Fuller Forever Young entry.





Pair two was Mendy Fry and Tyler Hilton.





After the burnouts, the High Speed engine went sour and was forced to shut off. The cause was a $5.00 key in the mag drive. Hilton staged and took a solid single.








Hilton thundered the big block Chevrolet Great Expectations III on a single with a 5.96 ET and 249 MPH







On the day Steve Torrance capped a dream season winning the 2018 Mello Yello NHRA Top Fuel world championship, the sell out crowd at The Strip saw four of the best Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragsters in the country put on a great display of old school quarter mile drag racing.



Tyler Hilton has deep roots in drag racing including his dad Bob and grandmother Alison Lee (seen here with Mendy Fry) who along with husband Jim campaigned a string of "Great Expectations" Top Fuel cars in the 60s and 70s.


Alison did it then and can still do it now. Once a crew chief, always a crew chief.



Mike Fuller's hot rod at rest.


Champion Speed Shop waiting for the call to run.



Mendy Fry warming up the High Speed Motorsports fueler.


Adam Sorokin and Whit Bazemore


Oh, it was Halloween....





This first pair out for the Saturday round was Tyler Hilton and Bret Williamson.









Williamson ran a 5.95 ET at 212 MPH. Tyler Hilton drifted towards the wall and got out of it for a 6.93 ET at 143 MPH.





Pair two was Mendy Fry and Adam Sorokin.









Fry ran a stout 5.64 ET at just 228 MPH for low ET of the round. Sorokin carded a 6.03 ET at 202 MPH and





Saturday evening found the High Speed crew doing what they always do, full maintenance on the car after every run. Rick and Tom Shelar with Don Anderson aka Donnie Ho and Jake Dugan.


Al Renteria Jr. helping Mendy pack her chutes.



With the car in bed, the gang kicks back.








Sunday was another sell out crowd and no one left their seats when the four Nostalgia fuelers entered the arena




First pair out was Mendy Fry and Adam Sorokin.







































Getting the better of Sorokin, Fry reset low ET of the weekend for the quad with a 5.61 at 241. Adam clicked it early to a 5.92 ET at 204 MPH.





A happy Tom Shelar heads down to meet his driver.




With the fans still buzzing, it was Bret Williamson and Tyler Hilton in the waterbox.
























This was a close one with Hilton taking the come from behind win with a 5.87 ET setting top speed of the weekend at 254 MPH. Williamson was right there with a 5.94 ET at 222 MPH.

That was it for Nostalgia Top Fuel at the 2018 NHRA Toyota Nationals from Las Vegas Motor Speedway.





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