Mendy Fry took the Top Fuel win in the High-Speed Motorsports dragster at the Holley National Hot Rod Reunion with a 5.72 ET at 252 MPH over Jim Young, who ran a 5.84 ET at 256 MPH. The final round was a dramatic conclusion to three days of sweltering heat.

Fry and Young tossed the lead back and forth until everything changed at half track. "He left on me with a .078 light to a .134 light. The lead changed a few times. The incrementals were pretty close until about half track and then I didn't see him until I pulled the chutes!"


In the Nostalgia Top Fuel finals, it was the two top qualifiers of the event as No. 1 Mendy Fry faced No. 2 James Young. When the lights went green Young had the initial jump but went out of the groove at half track allowing Fry to drive around him for her first win with a 5.720-seconds at 252.05 mph to the losing run of 5.841 at 256.26. At the end of the day Fry was the new points leader in the Nostalgia Top Fuel category.

“Tom (Shelar, owner/tuner) had a bracket car all day and he knows how to read this track,” said Fry. “It was 150 degrees, greasy, and he gave me a car that could win. I didn’t screw anything up and we won.”

High Speed Motorsports consistently has the largest team at each and every race, no matter where they are. Once again Tom Shelar and his fifth different driver to win the NHRR, Mendy Fry whooped it up with a few of this day's clan for the 8th time in the Bowling Green Winners Circle.




BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (June 14, 2018) – The 2018 NHRA Holley National Hot Rod Reunion® presented by AAA Insurance roared to life with an action packed Thursday featuring classic cars, nostalgic quarter-mile drag racing, and legends of the sport at Beech Bend Raceway Park. The three-day event pays tribute to the love affair America has with the car culture and celebrates the passion of the owners and their machines.

“The opening day was one that was enjoyed by all who attended during the course of a happing Thursday,” said Larry Fisher, executive director of the NHRA Motorsports Museum. “The facility and the surrounding areas are filled with classic hot rods and we enjoy the support of the residents of Bowling Green.”

Nostalgia Funny Car featured Dan Horan Jr. and John Smith in the finals. Smith suffered a wheel stand early in the run allowing Horan to streak to the victory with a run of 5.881 at 216.27 to the trailing run of 11.902 at 52.34.

“This was one of my fathers favorite places to come with his front engine car and we lost him in 2016,” said Horan. “We decided to have a new Murf (McKinney) car built, it was finished a week ago, my guys went to his shop, put it together, and hauled it here. Here we are in the winners circle. Pretty emotional to win on Father’s Day weekend.”


Some Text courtesy of All American Fuel Dragsters and NHRA Motorsports Museum

Without furter ado, lets go racin'.







The first pair out to test the waters were Californians Mendy Fry, Los Angeles CA, driving the High Speed Motorsports car and Brendan Murry from San Jose CA, in his Running Wild Racing fueler.





























Murry had a couple of dead holes while Fry had problems of her own. Murry got a 6.381 at 180.91 time slip while Fry got a DQ.





The second pair out was Tyler Hilton from Sharonville OH, in the Great Expectations fueler and Dave Miller, Cedar Hill MO.





















Greenwood made the better pass with 6.417 at 166.11 with Hilton experiencing problems shutting off to a 10.401 at 80.13.






Next out was Julius Hughes, Gainesville GA, in the Atlanta Speed Shop digger and Jim Young from Salem WI. in his Young Guns fueler.


















Take note. Young's injectors are closed! Epic pedal job.


Young was long gone en route to making a statement, jumping straight up to #1 with a 5.798 at 254.90. Hughes limped to a 6.553 at 189.63.






Next pair to challenge the heat where Tim Cullinan from Des Plaines IL, and Jason Greenwood from Racine WI.





















Cullinan was the only car other than Young to dip into the fives. He landed a first day #2 with a 5.968 at 204.51. Greenwood clicked it early to a 6.417 at 166.11.







More than a few folks from Bowling Green called in sick.





The final pair for Q1 was Paul Schultz out of Tulsa OK, in his beautiful Spirit of St. Louis car and Adam Sorokin from Glendale CA, in the fan favorite Champion Speed Shop entry.



























Sorokin hazed the tires at the 60' mark.







Schultz clicked it very early to a 8.060 at 116.21 which put him #8 for the day. Sorokin pedaled out of his tire smoke to a 6.182 at 222.36 which was good for a surprising #3.





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