Following the National Anthem the first pair out was Rick McGee and Jim Young.













Going in as the heavy favorite, Young did the unthinkable when he went red. -0.075




McGee dodged a canon ball as he lit the tires before the 330' mark.




McGee moved to the next round with a 6.077 at 222.66.





The second pair pitted #1 Mendy Fry and #8 Tyler Hilton.














Fry left first and never looked back.




Hilton started smoking the tires before the tree.










Fry came out swinging with low ET of the meet, 5.582 at 258.42.









Out next was Rick White and Pete Wittenberg. The winner would face Fry in the semis.






Coming back from his burnout White's ride developed a fuel leak. Despite the efforts of Chuck Neal and crew, the problem could not be fixed leaving Wittenberg to solo.











Wittenberg didn't lay down on his freebie, his 5.734 at 244.52 was a tune-up for his semi final match up with the High Speed car.




A dejected Neal crew were left to push back and head to the pits.





The final pair for round one was Bret Williamson and Adam Sorokin.







Sorokin was uncharacteristically late with a 0.112 RT but Williamson was a dime slower with a 0.212.












Williamson had an aw shit moment, saved the car and clicked it.






As Sorokin entered the traps the right bank erupted in flames.




Sorokin took the win with a 5.889 at 213.70 but it came at a cost.







The veteran Champion team rallied in the pits with a new bullet and other repairs and were able to make the call for round 2.







Leading off session two was Rick McGee and Adam Sorokin.






Sorokin got an eye blink jump.




















McGee overtook the Champion car and notched the win with a 5.748 at 233.12 while Sorokin slowed to a 6.008 at 182.43.






The final pair to decide who would meet McGee in the final were Mendy Fry and Pete Wittenberg, who beat Fry in the final round of the 2018 March Meet. Fry didn't want that to happen again. However, the difference was that Wittenberg now has a bad ass hot rod and is capable of running with the High Speed car.










Wittenberg took a nice starting line advantage, but Fry chases him down for the win.













Remember the March Meet? Just sayin'.







Once again Fry ran low E.T. of the event (5.554 at 261.62) and gained lane choice over McGee in the final.








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