Saturday night like way late, way dark




Total darkness, shooting sucked. First out for the money was Tim Nemeth and Matt Bynum.






This shot says it all, Nemeth went red by a bunch.







Bynum legged it through with a nice 5.748 at 251.67 to move on to Sunday.





Out next were Steve Densham and Geoff Monise.







For the second race in a row the photo tells the tale ... Densham left before the green handing Monise the win.






Pair three matched Bill Windham and Dan Horan Jr.





Windham left first by a chunk.










In a surprisingly slow time, Horan got the win light with a 6.177 at 246.26. Windham slowed to a 6.471 at 221.23.





With the cacklecar contingent tapping their toes in the staging lanes. the next pair pitted Cory Lee and Jeff Arend.






Neither driver had a stellar light but they did leave together.







At the other end it was Arend carding a 5.682 at 253.80 while Lee ate some pistons and slowed to a 6.156 at 189.82..





Up next were Brad Thompson and John Hale who had lane choice.








Thompson left first by a bunch.







Thompson took the win with a 5.742 at 232.87. Hale slowed to a 5.969 at 220.37.








After another long clean up it was the reigning FC champion, Ryan Hodgson and the heir apparent Bobby Cottrell.






Cottrell grabbed a slight starting line advantage







Cottrell went on to take the win with a 5.767 at 245.45. Hodgson was right there carding a 5.809 at 257.83.





The next to last pair matched Rian Konno and Matt Melendez.




Melendez left first leaving Konno playing catch up.








Konno chased Melendez down in the lights for the win in the closest race of the round, a 5.638 at 232.79 to a 5.862 at 234.57.  Konno's MOV: 0.0040 seconds (approximately 17 inches). Konno would have lane choice over Monise in round two.





The final pair of a painfully long opening round was Tony Jurado and Jason Rupert.





Rupert got a slight jump at the hit.






This was all Rupert as he won with the low Funny Car E.T. of the event. His 5.638 at 232.79 buried Jurado's 5.826 at 246.57.



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