Our fuel altered coverage is not up to par, but Q1 was too dark and
there was only one shooter on the bottom end for the rest. It is what it is.




AA/FA Qualifying Session Two
Running on a 6.0 Index


First out was Kyle Hough in "Nanook" '32 Bantam and Randy Bradford in his '38 Fiat.










Bradford carded a 6.720. After a wild ride Hough coasted through with a 7.028.







Out next was the Chevy powered Pure Heaven driven by Chris Bennett and the hemi powered, fan favorite, Pure Hell with Brian Hope in the seat.







Hope went to the top with a 6.644. Hoage coasted through with a 9.654.









It's a "Rat Trap"! Ron Hope in the seat. In the other lane was Rodney Flournoy in his Godzilla '23 Ford.










Hope shut off to a 8.388 while Flournoy was done with a 11.067.






















The final pair featured two of the most popular cars on the property. Joe Morrison in the "134 Coupe" and Mike Boyd in the fabled "Winged Express".















Morrison ran a 7.727 while Boyd coasted through with a 10.376.








AA/FA Eliminations
Running on a 6.0 Index


First pair was Rodney Flournoy and Chris Bennett.







This was all Rodney 6.126 at 198.50 to a 13.615 at 58.75.






Pair two was David Giles and Brian Hope.














This one was another one sided affair with Hope carding a 6.234 at 213.57 to a 10.212 at 86.00.







Next out were Shawn Callen and Randy Bradford.



Bradford got off to an auspicious start with a wild burnout.








Callen took it with a 6.756 at 185.08 to Bradford's 8.272 at 214.35.







The last pair were two fan favorites, Kyle Hough and Ron Hope.









Hough broke out with a 5.971 at 243.15 (sucks to go too quick in a nitro class) so Hope took the win with a 7.892 at 139.21.







To finish up the round it was Joe Morrison on a single.











Morrison closed out the round with a 7.304 at 193.90.



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