Top Fuel Qualifying Session 3




With the funny cars a long way from being done, the top fuel cars were sitting in the lnes where they would remain until it was almost dark. Take a guess why.


Cole Coonce and Bob McLennan with Dave Wallace Jr. in the background.









Rian Konno and Tom Shelar spent some face time during one of the clean ups. Rian was one of the early crew members on Shelar's now championship High Speed Motorsports fueler.


With the sun setting in the west, it was finally time for the long cars to make their final attempt to make the show or improve in position. Leading off was Rick McGee and Pete Wittenberg.















Wittenberg ran a 5.77 at 235.79 which was solid but short of his privious 5.716 at 250.27 which stood for the #5 spot. McGee clicked it early standing on his Q2 5.761 at 217.56.





Pair two featured a pair or Jim's, Young and Murphy.






















Young didn't improve on his Q2 5.661 and stayed #2. Murphy wrapped up a miserable weekend with a 5.986 at 193.02 which left him #10. He promises to be back next year.





After another clean up, the sun was gone. Adam Sorokin and Phil Ruskowski rolled out.
















The Champion guys stepped up and got into the show with a 5.720 at 243.59.





Under the lights it was Tyler Hilton and Rick White.














White secured the #4 spot with a 5.705 at 247.25l. Hilton had problems and shut off early. His earlier 5.907 at 255.63 (top speed) missed the cut.





Next to last pair was Brendan Murry and Rick Williamson.



















Williamson stepped right up running a career best 5.705 at 247.25 moving him up to the #3 spot. In the other lane Murry was oiled in as a result of a split valve cover. His 6.592 at 133.29 left him #12.



Murry got stopped as fast as he could and bailed out and was OK. That was the good news. The bad news was another serious oil down.







After a another lengthy clean up we were assured of one thing, Cacklefest would be held in the dark.



Finally, the last pair was Mendy Fry who was on the pole and Dusty Green who was behind the 8-ball as a DNQ.









Green went into tire smoke almost immediatlely and did a great job of slapping the throttle to recover before the tree.















Fry clicked it early to a 5.83 at 196 while try as he did, Green failed to make the show.





To end a very long day of racing Mike Boyd fired the Winged Express for an exhibition run that would lead into Cacklefest.








Nostalgia Top Fuel Final Qualifying Order

1 781 Mendy Fry, Los Angeles CA, '16 Hadman 5.592 239.14
2 380 Jim Young, Salem WI, '07 Dragster 5.661 252.57
3 7238 Bret Williamson, Gilroy CA, '14 Uyehara 5.665 252.71
4 7131 Rick White, San Diego CA, '06 Hansen 5.705 247.25
5 706 Pete Wittenberg, Anaheim CA, '01 Stirling 5.716 250.27
6 766 Adam Sorokin, Glendale CA, '04 Sterling 5.720 243.59
7 701 Rick McGee, Exeter CA, '97 Tedford 5.761 217.56
8 736 Dan Horan, Sylmar CA, '09 Dragster 5.873 253.71
------------ Not Qualified ------------
9 379 Tyler Hilton, Sharonville OH, '12 Horton 5.907 255.63
10 1 Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa CA, '13 Neil & Parks 5.986 193.02
11 752 Dusty Green, Pleasant Hill CA, '08 Neil & Parks 6.472 239.82
12 7188 Brendan Murry, San Jose CA, '10 Rooman 6.592 133.29
13 600 Phil Ruskowski, Victoria BC, '11 McKinney 6.995 164.79


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