Funny Car Qualifying Session 2




First pair out of the waterbox was Dan Horan Jr. and Matt Bynum.





















Bynum carded a 5.737 at 259.21 which put him #5 for the day while Horan was right there with a 5.771 at 248.43 that landed him #8.






Second pair matched Shawn Van Horn in his Choo Choo Mama '77 Trans AM and Tim Nemeth from BC.
















Nemeth ran a 5.90 at 252 which did not improve on his Q1 time. Van Horn coasted through with a 6.686 at 166.54.





Next out was Tony Jurado for the second pass in his new car. Another newbee was in the other lane, Matt Melendez.













On his first full pass Jurado ran a solid 5.794 at 244.52. Melendez was right there with a 5.825 at 233.32.







Next pair featured Geoff Monise and Bobby Cottrell.























Cottrell's 5.91 did not improve on his earlier 5.73 so he stayed #6 for the day. Monise's 5.939 at 236.92 just missed Friday's cut.






Next pair through the waterbox was Jon Capps and Bill Windham.

















Windham carded a 5.885 at 245.18 while the woes for Smokey's Darkside continued as Capps could only muster a 6.282 at 225.26 while oiling down the track. Yawn.





The next pair was supposed to be Ryan Konno and Billy Morris but both had issues on or after the burnouts.





Morris had a premature chute deployment.




Because of Morris, Konno was forced to shut off but had the option to run at the end of the session.




With the sun fading away it was Ryan Hodgson and Brad Thompson.















Neither driver improved over their earlier times. Hodgson #9, Thompson #13.





Next pair was Jeff Arend and John Hale.







Tire shake, done.





Once again neither car improved over Q1. Arend stayed #2 with his 5.714 while Hale shut off after tire shake and ended up #4 with his earlier 5.736.





With the session running down it was Cory Lee and Jeff Udderback.












Neither Lee or Utterback came close to improving. Cory in, Jeff out for Friday.





Next to last pair featured Mike Halstead and Kris Krabill.













Halstead ripped off a 5.74 at 248.94 but it was a DQ for oil on the track. Krabill suffered the same fate, his 5.98 at 214.76 was also tossed.





After another extensive oil down clean up it was Marc Meadors and Jason Rupert. At this point most of the photographers were at the Double Tree for the Honorees Ceremonies.




Meadors improved with a 5.890 at 244.96. Rupert really stepped up to the #3 spot with a 5.733 at 251.77.





Rian Konno finished up the night.




Konno's 5.85 didn't improve on his earlier 5.750 but it did establish they had a consistent race car. Closed the day #7.



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