Top Fuel Qualifying Session 1




Behind schedule as usual, the first session for the long cars was led off by the 2017 Heritage Series TF champ, Jim Murphy in his WW2 Racing entry. In the other lane was Dan Horan Jr. in his late father's Dan Horan tribute car.

With the show running late Murphy chose to go fist as he had to get outta there to be at the Double Tree hotel in Bakersfield to receive his CHRR Honoree Award at 7:30.





















Murphy was sacrificing aluminum early.






Murphy coasted through with a 6.294 at 165.78 while Horan had no issues carding a nice 5.873 at 253.71 which was a career best for car and driver.






Second pair matched local favorite Rick McGee in the Tedford & McGee "Overtime Special" and 2018 March Meet winner Pete Wittenberg in the "Circuit Breaker".





















Wittenberg ran a career best ET right out of the box 5.718 at 231.32. McGee did a planned 1000' pass that netted a 5.821 at 225.75.

Back stories. On Thursday Jim Young , who was pitted next to Wittenberg, told me that Pete would run a 5.71. I was thinking that was more than a bold prediction. He then informed that it was all his tune-up in the car. I was still dubious. BAM, 5.71 first pass. No dummy, Young!

For the last 3 years the team of Tedford and McGee have been banging their head against any wall they could fine trying to figure out where their 5.7 car went. In 2015 they bought Tony Bartone's car because it was way newer and lighter. They flogged it for two years and never got from A to B. In a desperate move, they brought their 2001 Tedford car out of the rafters and put what they thought was their 5.7 tune-up from years ago. Wrong. Same issues and hurt parts.

Enter Tom Shelar who has developed a camshaft tailored to the NTF hemis. After talking to Tedford they determined that the car has never run good since putting a new grind cam in 3 years ago. Shelar gave them a cam and told them how to run it. What a difference a cam makes. All this time they changed everything but the obvious. So good to see my friends with smiles and a positive attitude again. Their runner-up finish on Sunday shouted, we're back!




Overhead shots, Paul Sadler, Dan Kaplan and Dave Kommel.




Pair three featured the ever improving Mike Fuller's "Forever Young" driven by Bret Williamson. In the left lane was Jim Young all the way from Wisconsin in his "Young Guns" Neil & Parks car that is always capable of big numbers.














This is huge. Note the tires are cupped and the injector closed. At this point one would conclude this was a toss out run. Wrong.












After a major pedal job, jaws dropped at Young's time... how about a 5.668 at 253.09 which was low by a bunch at the moment. Williamson carded a 5.873 at 240.42 which was good for #6 on day one.






Next out after a two year hiatus was Rick White in the Neil & White entry out of San Diego. He was paired with Phil Ruskowski down from Victoria BC, in his SBC car.









Neither car made the first day cut with White coasting to a 6.591 at 159.27 while Ruskowski limped to a 7.795 at 122.26.





Next to last pair featured Adam Sorokin in the Champion Speed Shot SBC powered fueler of Bob McClennan and Tyler Hilton in his "Great Expectations III" BBC powered fueler.









Sorokin was up in smoke at the hit.





Hilton ran a clean 5.982 at 229.63 while Sorokin went silently through the traps.





The final pair featured the 2018 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Top Fuel Champion Mendy Fry in the High Speed Motorsports entry and Brendan Murry in his Running Wild late model hemi car.






















No surprise to anyone, Fry went low with a 5.600 at 231.44. Murry got no love from the cameras and was a DQ due to an oil down.



1 781 Mendy Fry, Los Angeles CA, '16 Hadman 5.600 231.44
2 380 Jim Young, Salem WI, '07 Dragster 5.668 253.09
3 706 Pete Wittenberg, Anaheim CA, '01 Stirling 5.718 231.32
4 701 Rick McGee, Exeter CA, '97 Tedford 5.821 225.75
5 736 Dan Horan, Sylmar CA, '09 Dragster 5.873 253.71
6 7238 Bret Williamson, Gilroy CA, '12 Uyehara 5.873 240.42
7 379 Tyler Hilton, Sharonville OH, '12 Horton 5.982 229.63
8 1 Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa CA, '13 Neil & Parks 6.294 165.78

------------ Not Qualified ------------

9 7131 Rick White, San Diego CA, '06 Hansen 6.591 159.27
10 600 Phil Ruskowski, Victoria BC, '11 McKinney 7.795 122.26
11 766 Adam Sorokin, Glendale CA, '04 Sterling 13.442 69.05


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