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By this point of the evening the HSMS team were well plied and having more fun than most laws allow. No denying, well deserved.





Jason Rupert took the Funny Car crown with a dominating string of low ET times.





Brian Hope and team Rich Guasco took the AA/FA trophy with the legendary Pure Hell.





Drew Austin was one of 5 double-ups taking the A/F championship and CHRR win.


Drew and proud granddad , Walt.





John Marottek had a banner Jr. Fuel season winning the championship and the race. Twofer Club.






The 7.0 Pro trophy went to Steve Faller who survived five rounds of racing to beat Brad Denney in the final.





Bernie Plourd took the win light 5 times to capture the NE-1 gold.






Robert Johnson got the twofer in NE-2 season and race.





The 16 car NE-3 field was won by Lindsey Lister.






Scott White got the best of Gary Reinero in the AA/GS final.





Brian Rogers took a very close win over Frank Merenda to take the trophy in A/Gas.




Val Miller scored another one for the girls taking B/Gas trophy.





Bill Becker took the hotly contested C/Gas trophy in his very bitchin '33 Willys.






Bill Norton took the holeshot win over Larry Cook for the D/Gas title.






Hot Rod class winner was Alex George who survived 6 grueling rounds of racing.





Jack Goodrich took the A/FX gold with his period correct altered wheelbase Hemi.






Roger Holder took the ProMod trophy who was a Winners Circle no show.




Sorry these are limited but its all I got.


This may well be my most favorite photo of the entire weekend. Top Fuel runner-up Rick McGee on his pit mat with his granddaughters new puppy.


On Saturday night Joe Walla and Da Kingz aka The Racers Band put on one hell of a rock-n-roll show in the pits. Racers and fans rocked and indulged until adult hours.




Thursday night at the Doubletree. Don Ewald, Peter Broadribb, Paul Hutchins, Vic Moneymaker, Paula Roth, Dan Kaplan and Yvonne Broadribb. This was the annual 1320 Group "Ma Green" dinner that once filled the entire room. That was then, this is now. Time marches on.


Debra Lynn and Bob Brown, the beauty and the beast. You make the call.


Super Fan Nitro Kevin. Its not an event without him.


Randy Anderson came west as a freelance, normally shooting for National Dragster.


David Beitler from Frankfurt, Germany. Really nice guy and very keen on shooting nostalgia drag racing here in the U.S. and Europe.


Wayne Lederer trying out his new Nikon D500 with the 200-500mm lens. He's been a quality Canon shooter for many years but it appears he's smitten with this new combo from the dark side.


Paul Hutchins with his eyes on his next shot.


Got Video? Les Mayhew.


Like the Thursday dinner, the annual 1320 Group photo continues to dwindle. Life's attrition rate has taken its toll over the last 20 years. Once 60 now 25.


The Cacklecar credentials booth was a busy place Thursday and Friday.


Two of the driving forces behind Nostalgia Top Fuel, Tom Shelar and Bob McLennan.


Left is an English photog- can’t place his name at the moment. Middle is Andy Willsheer, consummate British gentleman who is a longtime regular shooter at Bakersfield and the NHRA Big Show. Right is David Beitler from Germany.


If you were into SoCal drag racing in the day you know the names Mike Clancy, Larry Sutton and Jay Carpenter.


If you know Troy Glenn, this will make perfect sense.


Kol Johnson, Zane Shubert and Connie Johnson Braun.


No intro needed. The champ admiring Dan Kaplan's vintage Honda.


Pete Millars Drag Cartoon's is alive and well with daughter Robin and widow Orah Mae keeping the legacy alive.


No clue about the pair to the left. Gal in orange vest is Big Show shooter Annie Proffit and the fellow on the right is the legendary Bob McClurg.


My favorite Brits. Ingrid and Martin Chesworth.


After 50+ years of Top Fuel racing with husband, Jim, Alison Lee is still in the game with grandson Tyler Hilton.


Three of the greats; Kelly Brown, Bill Schultz and Gerry Glenn.


Two true champions. Sean Bellemeur who dominated the Big Show Alcohol Funny Car season suiting up his dear friend Mendy Fry who did the same in Nostalgia Top Fuel.


Blake Bowser, Don Irvin and Larry Fisher going over the game plan.


The view from my golf cart during another clean up.


Don Ewald armed and dangerous.


Pure Hell - Rich Guasco


The backbone of Famoso Raceway. Blake and John Bowser.


Donna Crowther, Dave Wallace Jr. and Greg Sharp.


The irrepressible George "The Bushmaster" Schreiber


Pam Conrad thinks blonds have more fun. Dan Kaplan agrees.


Don Ewald, Connie Braun, Tommy Ivo and Zane Shubert. at the Doubletree.


Who gets those overhead shots you ask? For E1 it was Paul Sadler, Mark Gewertz, Dan Kaplan and Dave Kommel.


The obligatory cacklefest "drivers" meeting was held on Thursday by Div. 6 director who has no clue what an event coordinator does, Don Irvin who is one of the best safety supervisors in the game, Larry Fisher and Greg Sharp from the NHRA Motorsports Museum. As always, even with instructions several participants still got it wrong.


Those in attendence were having all kinds of fun.






All kidding aside, there were some real heavy hitters in the bunch and for the most part they all put on a great Cacklefest show winch will receive extensive coverage on coming soon.


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8: Funny Car Eliminations Round 1

9: Top Fuel Eliminations Rounds 1 & 2

10: Funny Car Eliminations Rounds 2 & 3

11: Final Rounds and Winners Circle

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