2018 Hot Rod Heritage Season Champions




Then there were two. Mendy and the High Speed team laid back in the lanes. Ditto for close friends Tedford and McGee.



For Rick McGee this was already a win. He and Darrell Tedford had suffered through a three year performance drought until this weekend. As said earlier, what a difference a cam makes.


In the other lane was Mendy Fry who had already made myriad statements ths season.






The only backup person Mendy has known since joining the team, Walt Stevens kept her where Tom Shelar wants his car.





McGee took a shot at the tree and hit it. His 0.036 to Fry's 0.103 RT gave him a huge starting line advantage.










Despite the jump, Fry's 5.610 at 259.36 was too much for McGee's game 5.749 at 256.50. Fry's MOV: 0.0720 seconds (approximately 27 feet).













The flopper final featured two of the most popular shoes in the class. The underdog, Rian Konno, lives,eats and drinks drag racing. There is nothing more in life that he wants to do than drive a funny car. I dare you to find anyone who doesn' t like him. Just being in the final was huge for him and his team.

Rupert has been a champion, tasted success on many levels including previous CHRR wins. He too is loaded with fans and is admired by his peers. This may have been his last NCF race as he is going to field a Big Show Fuel Funny Car in 2019.






Rupert got a .020 jump and never looked back.








Rupert would go on to take with resetting FC low ET with a 5.634 at 259.51 . Konno stayed consistent with a 5.855 at 241.84. If Rupert had prblems, Rian was there.



Now I'm going to try something not done before. For years Dan and I have been the only ones who forego the 3/4 front finals starting line shots and park our butts where the real stories are. At the topend where the winners and runner-ups meet after battle. In the past I've only shared these kinds of shots on the winners website (if they are a client).

I chose these particular finals to try this with because they were special to me. All involved being friends, and in one case, the son of an old friend I raced in the 60's.

These are candid shots that will give fans just a glipse of what goes on after the race is over, out of view of the masses. I can't re-create the excitement or emotions, but hopefully photos will give you a hint.

Here, pretty much in chronological order, are few of the many shots from what we experienced on the other end before the public celebrations back in the pits.


Where we lay in wait. Turnout 2






The first person Mendy went to was old friend Rick McGee ... great race, congratulations.









A gracious McGee enjoyed the show.



While the top fuel finalists were celebrating, in rolled the last two funny cars.







Team High Speed arrives, all smiles.





Mendy and Jason met for a hug. Awwww


I missed it by that much.







Happy Mom



Mendy and Brenda Rupert.



Greg Sharp and Larry Fisher carted up to congratulate the winners.









A quick stop at the scales and it was back to the pits for more adult festivities.







However their 6.0 index works, it boiled down to Brian Hope and Rodney Flournoy.




The drivers left together with Flournoy in trouble from the hit.





Hope forged forward for the win at 6.456 at 203.55.





2018 Hot Rod Heritage Series Champions


Mendy Fry and the High Speed Motorsports Team celebrate a banner season winning the Top Fuel Championsip. It was the second for the team who also took the title in 2008 with Troy Green driving.


Car owner Tom Shelar, car chif Rick Shelar and Mendy. The core of High Speed.






Rookie FC shoe Bobby Cottrell capped a winning season with the 2018 Funny Car Champion.


Cottrell flanked by car owners Bucky Austin and Mike O'Brien,




But wait, there's more. This was a huge weekend for the Austin family. Rolling in behind Bucky's flopper was the A/Fuel season champion and CHRR winner Drew Austin. Talk about a family affair.



Epic shot. Pat, Drew, Walt and Bucky Austin. Drag racing dynasty.




John Marottek capped a dominating J/F season with the championship and CHRR win. His acqusition of the 2017 Scott Parks championship car was obviously a wise move.





2018 NE-1 Series Champion Dustin Lee.





2018 Hot Rod Series Champion Dale Hick.




2018 NE-3 Series Champion Ed DeSaute




2018 A/Gas Series Champion Frank Merenda.





2018 B/Gas Series Champion Kevin Riley.





2018 C/Gas Series Champion Chris Rea.





2018 D/Gas Series Champion Ed Carey.




2018 ??? Series Champion ???




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8: Funny Car Eliminations Round 1

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