Following Top Fuel the first pair out were Bobby Cottrell and Dan Horan Jr.







Cottrell nailed Horan to the tree (0.095 to a 0.222) and never looked back.















Cottrell took the win handily running a nice 5.745 at 248.07. Horan clicked it to a 6.479 at 229.35.








The second pair pitted Rian Konno and Geoff Monise.





Monise got the jump on the tree.












1320 feet later it was Konno who broke the beam first taking the win with a 5.826 at 247.61. Monise slowed to a 6.008 at 204.98.








Guess who was out next?


Who would go to the semis? Brad Thompson or Jeff Arend.






Arend had a .050 jump and he would need it.













This one went to Arend on a holeshot. He took the race with a 5.754 at 252.05 over Thompson's quicker 5.744 at 245.36. Arend's MOV: 0.0360 seconds (approximately 13 feet).







The final pair featured Jason Rupert and Matt Bynum.





Rupert banked .040 at the hit and that made the difference.









In another close race, Rupert carded a 5.653 at 257.43 to nose out Bynum's 5.656 at 260.41. Rupert's MOV: 0.0430 seconds (approximately 16 feet). He again ran low E.T. of the round and gained lane choice over Cottrell in the semis.












The first pair to see who would run for the Wally was Rian Konno aka "The Burnout King" and Jeff Arend.




Both cars pretty much left together and we had a drag race.



















Konno took another very close win with a 5.912 at 230.96 to Arend's 5.920 at 232.79. You want close - Konno's MOV: 0.0030 seconds (approximately 12 inches).





To decide who would meet Konno in the final it was Bobby Cottrell looking for a double up (2018 Champion and CHRR win) and Jason Rupert who was really on his game.










Cottrell got a .056 jump on the tree leaving Rupert to play big time catch up.
















Cottrell may of had the starting line advantage, but Rupert chased him down with another round low ET, 5.653 at 254.47. The heir apparent to the 2018 FC championship was just short with a 5.727 at 250.27. Rupert's MOV: 0.0200 seconds (approximately 7 feet). He will have lane choice in the final over Konno.






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