Tera Graves Wins Rookie Funny Car Race

The largest crew/group in NTF celebrate their 2nd win of the season.


Tera and Chris Graves, John Hale and the One Bad Texan crew dominated FC;




Tulsa, OK - September 23, 2017:

Headlining the inagural Tulsa Nitro Nationals was a stellar Top Fuel field featuring some of the quickest and fastest fuelers in the world. At the end of the day it was Mendy Fry who pushed herself and the High Speed Motorsports AA/Fuel dragster to a victory over Adam Sorokin in the Champion Speed Shop small block Chevrolet at the Nitro Nationals at Tulsa Raceway Park.

Sorokin got the holeshot on the hit, but Fry kept her foot in the High Speed Motorsports fueler and fought off a drift toward the center line with every bit of steering for a 5.62 ET at 258 MPH win over Sorokin’s 5.75 ET at 245 MPH runner-up.

Rookie Tera Wendland Graves scored in Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car driving John Hale's One Bad Texan Mustang. Graves ran consistant 5.80s to take home the Wally. This was her first time in competition.

“It was all I could to keep it off the centerline, but I didn’t lift,” said Fry. Driver Adam Sorokin said the Champion Speed Shop special pulled strongly almost to the stripe but Fry took the race with a .075-second margin of victory and about 26 feet.

Mendy Fry joined driver Tera Graves in the Nitro Nationals Winners Circle and marked the first time two women won concurrent Top Fuel and Nostalgia Funny Car wins at a NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series Championship drag race.

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Top Fuel Qualifying Session 1


Top Fuel got off to a destructive start on Friday testing as Adam Sorokin motored through a front-engine fireball. Sorokin emerged unscathed, but the Chevrolet kicked two connecting rods through the block.

Friday Qualifying under the lights saw more carnage when Jim Young ran the Young Guns dragster to an oil-soaked and subsequently disqualified conclusion while Tim Cullinan skated around the top end to number 4 with a 6.58 at 152 MPH. Julius Hughes pushed the Atlanta Speed Shop dragster to number 5 with a 7.35 ET at 131 MPH. Tyler Hilton lit the candles full track to a 6.17 ET at 232 MPH, and Mendy Fry clicked early in with a 5.87 at 201 MPH for low ET and number one qualifier. Paul Schultz and Dusty Green lost traction for 6th and 7th spots while Jim Murphy pushed back after the burnout with a fuel leak.


With the track not opening until 5pm it was guaranteed that the first session of Top Fuel would be in the dark. The first pair out was Dusty Green in the Nitro Hemi car and Jim Young in his Young Guns fueler.









Young left hard and had good early numbers. Green didn't go anywhere as the tires went up in smoke at the hit.










Next up was Tim Cullinan and local favorite Paul Schultz in the sharp Spirit of Tulsa fueler.








Like Green before him Schultz was up in smoke almost instantly.




Cullinan clicked it early to a 6.58 at 152.58






Pair three was Julius Hughes and Tyler Hilton who hails from Cincinnati OH. He's the grandson of Jim & Alison Lee of Great Expectations Top Fuel fame. In fact, the Hilton car features pretty much the same paint scheme as the Lee's 1970 car and is named "Great Expectations III".










Hughes was done early while Hilton got a decent baseline.





Out for a single was the points leader Jim Murphy in his WW2 Racing entry.










At the hit Murphy ruptured a fuel line and trust me, these engines will not run very long on limited nitro.










The final car for the first session was Mendy Fry in the High Speed Motorsports fueler which is #2 in the points.



















Fry clicked it a bit early to score low ET of the first session.. 5.87 at just 201.07





Funny Car Qualifying Session 1


With six floppers on the grounds their first session was led off by Paul Romine in his Man-O-War and Ronnie Young in his Blue Max.











Both cars made representive passes.





Pair two was Tera Graves who was making her funny car debut in John Hale's One Bad Texan Mustang and the vet of all things nitro, Fred Farndon.















The final car out for Q1 was Charles T Ware who lost fire on the burnout.







Saturday Qualifying saw more smoke and fire but not from Adam Sorokin, who posted a clean 5.92 ET at 212 MPH for a number 4 slot after sitting out Session 1 Friday Qualifying. Julius Hughes launched his Atlanta Speed Shop dragster to a smoking but oil free 6.13 ET at 243 MPH and number 5 spot. Tyler Hilton did not improve, but Dusty Green hooked up the Nitro-Hemi with a 6.58 ET and number 7 position. Mendy Fry sat out Saturday qualifying, landing in number 3 after Jim Young and Jim Murphy lit up the boards with a 5.74 ET and 5.87 ET for 1 and 2 qualifiers. Tim Cullinan drove through a top end fireball after a screw plug blowout vented 10000 RPM worth of oily nitro that got the run thrown out. Cullinan made it into the show unharmed with his Friday ET, but Paul “Nobody” Schultz and the Spirit of Tulsa did not.


Top Fuel Qualifying Session 2


Pair two featured Adam Sorokin in the Champions Speed Shop car and Jim Young. The was Sorokin's first and only shot as they failed to make the Friday session due to a massive engine explosion in testing.


























Young went to #1 with a stout 5.74 at 228 while Sorokin got solidly in with a 5.92 at 212.06.






Pair two matched up Dusty Green and Julius Hughes.






















Next up was Tim Cullinan and Paul Schultz.













Schultz got a little further than Q1 but smoked the tires again at the tree.




Cullinan qualified with a 6.00 and Schultz was going home.






















Another single came in the form of Jim Murphy who, like Hilton, was forced to sit in the car during a clean up.













Murphy clocked a 5.87 at 230.73 which was not what they were looking for.





Funny Car Qualifying Session 2


First up was a single by Vic Tiffin.









Up next was Ronnie Young and Tera Graves.

















Graves had a 5.83 at 220.23 while Ronnie Young clicked it way early.





The final car out was Charles Ware on a single.












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