First pair out on a cool Sunday morning were #4 Adam Sorokin and #5 Pete Wittenberg who was making his first race day start.





No surprise, Sorokin was out first.

























Covered in oil and just making up his starting line disadvantage, Wittenberg got by Sorokin with a 5.78 at 235.76 to a losing 5.81 at 233.08.






Being completely oiled in, the rookie driver did a great job keeping the car in his lane and getting it stopped.





The second pair featured the #3 and #6 qualifiers. Bret Williamson and Dusty Green.





Williamson drilled Green on the lights leaving the Nitro Hemi to do some serious catch up.























Williamson held on for the holeshot win with a 5.90 at 249.49. Green ran out of real estate with a 5.88 at 247.29.










The third pair pitted #1 Tony Bartone against #8 Mendy Fry. Judging by qualifying alone, Bartone was the heavy favorite.





Fry left first as Bartone double clutched the leave which totally threw him off.








Fry had a huge lead but Bartone wasn't giving up.



Not knowing that Bartone had got out of the groove and ended up in her lane, Fry kept the pedal on the firewall.











Shelar swung for the fence and nailed it. Fry went low for the meet with a 5.594 at 249.26. Quite a step up since her previous best run in the car was a 6.027.









The final pair for E1 was Jim Murphy and Rick McGee.






Both cars left pretty much together with Murphy having the better numbers down low.


























Murphy won handily carding a nice 5.71 at 243.37. McGee slowed to a 7.22 at 117.23











The first pair for their chance to go to the semis was Steve Densham and Mike McIntire.





McIntire got the jump and never never looked back.



















This was all McIntire with a 5.857 at 250.18.







The second pair pitted John Hale and Jason Rupert.





Rupert took the lead from the hit.










Hale had problems before the 330' mark and shut off.










Rupert carded a solid 5.786 at 252.10 to move on to the semis.






The next to last pair was Kris Krabill and Tim Nemeth.





Both cars pretty much left together.










By the 330' mark Krabill was steadily pulling away.



















Putting the lid on round two was Ryan Hodgson and Dan Horan Jr.






Hodgson got the starting line advantage in what was to be a very close race.









In the lights it was Hodgson by a nose with a 5.678 at 249.53 to nip Horan's 5.678 at 260.36.






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