First pair out to see who would move on to Sunday was Dan Horan and Mike Halstead.





Halstead was out first by a bunch leaving Horan to play catch up.








Halstead's lead evaporated when he went into tire smoke just after the 60' block.







Horan took the win with a solid 5.701 at 250.92.






The second pair featured the #1 and #16 qualifiers. Mike McIntire Jr. and Rian Konno.





McIntire left first and never looked back.

















McIntire took the win with a 5.820 at 251.34 while Konno trailed with a 6.019 at 235.39.







Next pair featured Kris Krabill and Chris Davis.





Krabill got a huge starting line advantage (0.095 to a 0.179) and simply drove away from there.





















The fourth pair featured Tim Nemeth and John Weaver.





Weaver got a slight jump on the start.









At half track Weaver got out of the groove and crossed the center line.








Nemeth moved on with a 5.767 at 244.03. Weaver coasted through with a 6.042 at 182.45.





Next up for their chance to come back on Sunday were John Hale and James Day.





Day got a slight jump but Hale caught him by the 60' block.

















Hale took the win with an engine wounding 5.630 244.16 while Day shut off early to a 5.938 at 232.79.







The sixth pair pitted Michael Peck and Jason Rupert.





Rupert banked five hundredths at the hit and would need them at the other end.




















At the top end it was Rupert with the starting line advantage and the power to hold on for the hole shot win. Rupert's MOV: 0.0010 seconds (approximately 5 inches). His 5.752 at 250.37 nosed out Peck's quicker and faster 5.708 at 256.06. This would be the closest nitro race of the weekend.





The next to last pair was Steve Densham and Brad Thompson.





Densham was away first by a slim margin.



















At the stripe it was Densham taking the win with a 5.845 at 243.81. Thompson kept him honest but fell off in the last 300 feet to a 5.962 at just 208.59.





Putting the lid on round one was Ryan Hodgson and Danny Gerber.





Gerber grabbed a hunk at the starting line but it was fleeting and he was done early.

















Hodgson took the easy with a 5.717 at 239.36 which suggests he clicked it a bit early.






And so ended racing for Saturday




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