SRO Saturday




Leading off the third and final session for the floppers was Matt Bynum and Dan Horan Jr.



















Horan jumped up into the #4 slot with a solid 5.616 at 262.28. Bynum slowed to a 6.11 at 174.96 which did not improve on his earlier 5.962, leaving him #18.





Next out was John Weaver and Rick Rogers who was not yet in.


















Weaver banged the blower at the 1200' mark.


Rogers finally got from A to B but his 6.033 at 238.26 was short of the 5.939 bump spot leaving him #20. Weaver moved up to #6 with a 5.683 at 247.61.





Pair three matched Tim Nemeth and Scott Cousimano who was outside trying to get in.
















Nemeth did not improve and landed #11 while Cousimano closed his weekend with a 7.078 at 143.17 which fell into the #24 spot.





Next out was Steve Densham and Bill Windham.





Densham left hard and went into a power wheelstand. In the other lane Windham went nowhere as I'm guessing the throttle stop was still in place, oops.









Densham shut off way early to an 8.14 and would settle for his previous 5.767 and the #8 hole. Windham's miserable weekend ended which saw him way down the barrel at #21.





Up next was a have and a have not. Kris Krabill was solidly in the show while Shawn Van Horn was having a forgettable weekend.













Krabill's 5.68 at 249.58 did not improve his 5.605 and he stayed #3. Van Horn would be going home #23.






Next through the waterbox was Chris Davis and Dan Hudson.












Before the 330' mark Hudson was out of the groove and drifting towards the center line.





For a race that had an overall outstanding safety record, there were a couple of close calls like this one.


At this point Davis must have been in WTF mode.















Leaving the track littered in orange foam, Hudson coasted on through. Davis was unfazed by the whole deal and improved enough to make the show with a 5.876 at 238.51 which was good for the #14. Hudson stayed #22.





Next up was a pair of quality cars, Brad Thompson and Jason Rupert.























Thompson stepped up to the #9 spot with a 5.767 at 234.25. Rupert was right there with a 5.81 @ 252.90 which did not improve on his 5.774. He stayed #10.





Moving along it was Richard Townsend and Ryan Hodgson.























Hodgson continued to post impressive numbers moving into the #5 spot with a 5.662 at 256.31. Townsend also improved but not enough. His 5.987 at 242.67 was only good #19.





Up next was Ryan Konno and Michael Peck who was not qualified in the top sixteen.
















Peck jumped right into the middle of the fray with a 5.738 at 250.60 which was good for #7. Konno's 5.98 at 237 did not improve on his earlier 5.939 which kept him hanging onto the #16 spot.





Out next was Mike McIntire Jr. and Geoff Monise.


















McIntire dropped jaws again running a 5.57 at 253.61 which did not improve on his Q1 5.549 but did back it up for the new record. Needless to say, he stayed #1. Monise's 5.99 at 246.66 did not improve his 5.941 and just missed the show landing #17.





Next to last pair was Marc Meadors and James Day. Meadors came to the line with two previous oil downs.



















Meadors pulled the hat trick, three runs, three oil penalties. His 5.78 at 230.76 was disallowed. It would have put him in the show at #11. Day ran 5.93 at 242.80 which did not improve on his earlier 5.931 and put him #15.







The final car attempting to break into the field was Jim Maroney.



Maroney rattled the tires and shut off. The field was set.







Following the Q3 flopper session, Chris Morel came out for another test run in the "Little City Cuda". The point of interest on these shots are the rear tires.







Tire shake? We don't have no stinkin' tire shake.


Better his head than mine.





Final Qualifying Order

 1: Mike McIntire Jr., Chesterland OH, '70 Camaro 5.549 241.63
2: John Hale, Addison TX, '69 Camaro 5.572 247.16
3: Kris Krabill, Tacoma WA, '69 Camaro 5.605 248.16
4: Dan Horan, Rancho Cascades CA, '69 Camaro 5.616 262.28
5: Ryan Hodgson, Edmonton AB, '69 Camaro 5.662 256.31
6: John Weaver, Hanford CA, '78 Omni 5.683 247.61
7: Michael Peck, Oceanside CA, '78 Trans AM 5.738 250.60
8: Steven Densham, Oceanside CA, '69 Camaro 5.765 245.58
9: Brad Thompson, Visalia CA, '78 Camaro 5.767 234.25
10: Jason Rupert, Yorba Linda CA, '69 Camaro 5.774 254.52
11: Tim Nemeth, Chilliwack BC, '77 Firebird 5.809 242.93
12: Danny Gerber, Orange CA, '77 Firebird 5.820 218.90
13: Mike Halstead, Sonora CA, '70 Camaro 5.860 248.89
14: Chris Davis, Spokane WA, '77 Arrow 5.876 238.51
15: James Day, San Juan Capistrano CA, '78 Challen 5.931 242.80
16: 758 Rian Konno, Rosemead CA, '73 Mustang 5.939 240.64

------------ Not Qualified ------------

17: Geoff Monise, Buena Park CA, '77 Monza 5.941 239.02
18: Matt Bynum, Ypsianti MI, '70 Camaro 5.962 248.11
19: Richard Townsend, Oakdale CA, '69 Camaro 5.987 242.67
20: Rick Rogers, San Diego CA, '74 Camaro 6.033 238.26
21: Bill Windham, El Dorado Hills CA, '69 Camaro 6.242 213.64
22: Don Hudson, Atacadero CA, '77 Trans AM 6.258 164.35
23: Shawn Van Horn, Paso Robles CA, '77 Trans AM 6.643 214.83
24: Scott Cousimano, Downey CA, '78 Arrow 7.078 143.17
25: Jim Maroney, Gilbert AZ, '78 Camaro 9.417 92.28
26: Marc Meadors, Alamo CA, '70 Camaro DNQ
27: Dean Oberg, Norco Ca, '67 Jeep DNQ




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