Due to several funny car oil downs the Top Fuel cars were left in the dark, literally. Some took a shot at a very cool track but there was not a lot of shuffling . With bad light the photos are not great either.


First pair out was Pete Wittenberg and Rick McGee





Neither car improved. Wittenberg stayed #3 with his Q1 5.843 and McGee stayed #8 with a 6.662.







Next out were the only two cars not qualified after session one. Phil Ruskowski and Brendan Murry.








Once again neither car improved and remained #9 and #10 respectivly.



The High Speed car was pulled out of line due to track temp. Murphy, Bartone and Green also passed.




The final pair for session two was Adam Sorokin and Bret Williamson.











Williamson stayed #6 with his 5.937 and Soroken didn't move either standing on his Q1 5.920 and the #5 spot.







The 6.0 index AA Fuel Altered class is really taking off and the fans love it. Unfortunately their first session was after Top Fuel on an even cooler track.

Qualifying was led off by Jim Holtz in his '34 Ford "Trouble Maker" and James Generalao Jr. in his "Impatent" '23 Ford.









Holtz shut off early to a 12.174 while Generalao's 6.704 puts him #5.





Pair two was James Valencia in the "Nitro Mas" '23 Ford and Brett Henry in "The Iron Mistress".






Valencia shut off to a 13.167 while Henry didn't get off the line and received no time.





The class draws all kinds of configurations including the not so old school "Heatseaker" '34 Chevy driven by Dan Hix. The more conventional look was Todd Miller in Dave Hix's '37 Topolino in the right lane.






Hix grabbed the #1 spot with a 6.284 while Miller shut off early to a 14.749.





Next up was Nick Davies all the way from Oxfordshire UK in the Loaring & Davies "Havoc" '32 Bantam. In the right lane was veteran SoCal drag racer Rodney Flournoy in his "Godzilla" '23 Ford.








Flournoy went to the #2 spot with a 6.300 while Davies moved in right below him with a 6.570.





Up next was Jeff Bennett in "Pure Heaven" and Ron Hope in his "Rat Trap". This was an odd one. Bennett died on the burn out and Hope tossed a spark plug.


You can see in this shot the #2 spark plug had already blown out of the head and the plug wire is flailing in the wind.





At the end of his burnout Hope realized he had a problem and shut it off.





Out next was Steve Dickerman in the "II Grumpy" '23 Ford for a single.






Dickerman shut off to a 13.166 while ????? never staged.





Next pair was Rob Winefsky in his '32 Bantam and Kurt Cruise in the Bad News Fiat.






The blades on the Enderle tells me someone forgot to take the throttle stop off.



Winefsky went to #6 with a 7.432.





The final pair featured Bryan Hall in "The Tramp" '32 Bantam and Keith Wilson in the "Witch Doctor" '48 Fiat transformer.














Wilson landed in the #4 spot with a 6.651. Hall's 7.657 left him #7 after day one.






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