Due to numerous oil downs and a couple of crashes funny car session two was running way late. The sun was dropping in the West and at Bakersfield that means one thing, the track would soon be cold and any decent lighting for photography would be gone.



Leading off was Bill Windham and Matt Bynum.





Windham went into severe tire shake before the tree and after some antics, and got back after it... which was a mistake.



All fours off the ground.



In the other lane Bynum was having no such issues.





Bynum went on to card a 5.962 at 248.11 which put him #15 for day one.





Out next was Rick Rogers and Dean Oberg.





Rogers went immediately into tire shake.



Rear tires cupped big time.









In spite of all his problems on the bottom end, Rogers got back after it and carded a 6.264 at 246.12 which left him #20 for the day. Oberg once again oiled the track and did not receive a time.






After another clean up the next pair was John Weaver and Scott Cousimano.





Cousimano lost fire at the end of his burnout and exited stage right.





Weaver had problems and clicked it early. His earlier 5.713 landed him #6.





Out next was Chris Davis and Ryan Hodgson.














Hodgson did not improve running a 5.71 at 247.02. His Q1 5.693 put him in the #5 hole for Friday with one session to go. Davis' 5.902 at 241.07 moved him into the #12 spot.





Next to fire was Mike Halstead and James Day.













After banging the blower, Halstead didn't improve on his earlier 5.860 and ended up #11. Day did not improve on his Q1 6.076 and landed #17.








With the sun setting in the West, out came Steven Densham and Danny Gerber.










Both cars shut off early, coasting through. Q1 numbers put them both in the show, Densham ended #7 with his 5.765 while Gerber was in at #10 with his 5.820.







Out next was a pair of the several flat black cars that are not fan or photogs favorites. Give ‘em some color, guys! That said, paired were Shawn Van Horn and Richard Townsend.






Van Horn squared the tires before the tree.






Townsend made a slight improvement (6.037 at 235.47) to hang on to the #16 spot. Van Horn landed #23 with his Q1 6.704 at 212.29.





Up next was Michael Peck and Ryan Konno who were both DNQ.













Konno improved with a 5.939 at 240.64 and moved up into the #13 spot. Peck had another failed pass and landed #22.







Back for their second shots were Tim Nemeth and Geoff Monise.














Nemeth didn't improve and ended #11 with his Q1 5.820. Monise stayed #14 with his earlier 5.941.







Out next was Kris Krabill and Dan Horan Jr.











Horan did a great job of keeping his car in the lane.





Krabill made a slight improvement with a solid 5.605 at 248.16 which was good for #3. Horan coasted through standing on his earlier 5.658 at 260.91 leaving him #4.





Closing on the end of the line it was Mike McIntire and John Hale.

















McIntire overpowered the track and shut off but Hale had no such problems. He vaulted into the #2 spot with a sterling 5.572 at 247.16. McIntire stayed #1 with his 5.549.






Next out were Marc Meadors and Don Hudson.










With sparks flyin' Meadors was a heartbeat away from his second oil down in as many runs... and this was a bad one.



Meadors received no time while Hudson carded a 6.258 at 164.35 leaving him #19.







Clean up went on till dark. The stands had emptied, cars had pulled out of line and the track temp cooled a bunch.







When the track was finally clean, the final pair was Brad Thompson and Jason Rupert.










Neither car came close to improving leaving Thompson #21 with a 6.411 and Rupert in the show with a Q1 5.774.





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