Session One - Friday


The first session of Top Fuel opened with newly licensed Pete Wittenberg in the "Circuit Breaker" and Bret Williamson in Mike Fuller's "Forever Young".




















Wittenberg carded a nice 5.843 at 251.06 while Williamson was right there with a 5.937 at 244.83.





Pair two matched Adam Sorokin in Bob McLennan’s Champion Speed Shop car and Brendan Murry in his "Running Wild Racing" entry.




Murry lost fire on the burnout leaving Sorokin to single.























Moving on, up next was Jim Murphy in his WW2 Racing entry and Rick McGee in the Tedford & McGee "Overtime Special".






















Murphy ran a blistering 5.724 at just 222.29 to go low for day one. McGee encountered problems and clicked it to a 6.662 at 137.67.





Pair four was the reigning champ Tony Bartone in the Bartone Bros, car featuring a sharp new paint scheme. In the other lane was Dusty Green in the "Nitro Hemi" fueler.


















Just before the 1000' mark Bartone experienced a big bang sending his blower askew and abbreviating what was a solid run.










In spite of the explosion, Bartone still clocked a 5.768 at just 204.08. Green clocked a quicker and faster 5.735 at 251.11.





The final pair out was new driver Mendy Fry in the High Speed Motorsports entry and Phil Ruskowski with his Victoria BC based SBC car. To set the stage, on Thursday Fry experienced a near disastrous incident on a test run caused by a broken input shaft at the 60' mark that destroyed the clutch, seriously hurt the engine and really got Fry's attention.

As documented below, it took the crew hours and hours to literally cut the clutch out. If not for parts help from Brad Thompson and John Rasmussen, all the work would have been wasted as they did not have the spare parts on hand to fix all the damage.

After working late into the night, the car was repaired but the borrowed parts were not exactly like the ones that were destroyed, especially the clutch. Sean Bellemeur did a superb job of doing the math to make the clearances the same as their data.











The cause of it all.




Sporting a new engine on back, Fry was ready for her first official run in the car.






























After strong early numbers Fry completed the planned early shut off running a 6.02 at just 175.48. Ruskowski shut off to a 6.96 at 169.27.





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