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I'll open this page with some people shots


I knew this was going to be a special weekend when the first people we saw coming in the pit gate on Wednesday was Harley and Geno. AH, the world was round again.


Rick McGee, Adam Sorokin, Brendan Murry and Sean Bellemeur.


Dave Kommel and Tony Bartone


Henry Walther


Dave Wallace Jr. and Teri Youngblood


Bob McLennan and Blake Bowser


Darrell Tedford


Ron Capps was on hand to sign autographs.


Don Ewald


????, Isky, ???? and Wayne King


On Saturday Joe Walla and Da Kingz put on a great show for the racers and fans.






We just called him, "Tequila Guy".





Chris & Tera Graves kick back aftter a long day of shooting.


Wes Ramsey, Chris Graves and Steve Scott


Harley on guard....


Don Ewald, Bob Brown and Dan Kaplan





Chad Reynolds was on hand to do live streaming on BANGshift.com



Joe Walla, Keith Hudak and Mike English


Roland Leong


John Hale mixin' the good stuff.


And the patriots award goes to....


Cory Lee


Del Worsham


Stormy Byrd


Dan Kaplan, Howard Koby with Pam & Darrell Conrad.


Jere Alhadeff, Tim Marshall and Paul Schmitz


Mendy Fry with her mom Marylin. You can tell the apple didn't fall far from the tree.














First A/Fuel Five - Ken Bates






































































































































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Page 7 - Funny Car Round One of Eliminations

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