The 2016 California Hot Rod Reunion,, October 21-23, at Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, California - long established as the premier nostalgia drag racing racing and social event, celebrating its Silver Anniversary, will once again play host to the "NITRO Alumni" Silent Auction - benefiting the Wally Parks Motorsports Museum.

The Nitro Alumni is comprised of independent volunteers and contributors, whose efforts are focused on the preservation of our mutual hot rod heritage - through their support of the NHRA Motorsports Museum. At the past four reunions, through the kindness, and efforts of folks like you, we have been fortunate enough to have received almost 500 donated auction items, and have generated well over $110,000. All net cash proceeds have been presented to the museum. Hopefully we can achieve the same level of success once again this year...as we honor the reunion's twenty-five year run..

We are now seeking donations for the 2016 Auction, which includes a wide variety of "hot rod stuff", such as vintage racing apparel, framed artwork, new and used speed equipment, jewelry, classic trophies, and all other forms of racing memorabilia. All accepted items will be listed and illustrated on a special auction website, with their donors being recognized.

The NHRA Motorsports Museum is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and the value of donated items may be eligible for tax deductions, within IRS guidelines. Upon request, donors may receive confirmation of their contribution.

Auction items will be displayed at the Nitro Alumni tent, at the 2016 California Hot Rod Reunion, Famoso Raceway, on Friday, October 21, and all bidding will be conducted Saturday, October 22, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Interested donors of auction items can contact via Email: Steve Gibbs at Gibbs 2016 CHRR Auction, Cindy Gibbs at Cinder 2016 CHRR Auction or call at 559-797-6176 or Don Ewald at Don 2016 CHRR Auction.

The value of donated items may be eligible for tax deduction, with the IRS guidelines. A wide range of items are being sought after, including; vintage racing apparel, framed artwork, new and used racing parts, jewelry, classic trophies, and other forms of racing memorabilia. All items will be listed and illustrated on a special auction website, with donors being recognized.

To be an auction participant. please follow these simple procedures:
Register for your Bidder number at the NITRO Alumni Auction tent. Once completed, you will receive an Auction Bidder Confirmation Card. Please keep this card, as auction 'winners' will need card to claim their items.

Please pay attention to Bidding cards. Minimum Opening bids and incremental bid increases are posted on the upper right hand corner of card. You are allowed to bid as high, and as often as you wish.

At 4 pm Saturday, all bidding will stop; and bidders will be asked to step away from the tables. Auction officials will then begin announcing the auction results, and names of the winning bidders. Upon presenting their Auction Bidder Confirmation Card to identify themselves, the winning bidders will be given item documentation, and may then proceed to payment table(s).

Full payment is required to collect your item(s). We will have two lines formed for payment; one for CASH payment and one for CREDIT CARDS. Both are accepted, however, please be advised that CASH payment transactions will go much quicker.

Once payment is processed by Auction officials, you will receive your item(s).
There are some amazing items available this year in every price range; our hope is that you win the item you desire. Let's have fun, play fair and in the process, support a wonderful cause. Now, get out there and BID!
Many thanks, NITRO Alumni Staff

*If you cannot attend in person consider using a proxy bidder for a must have item. All you need is a friend who's there and a cell phone.

Thank you, for your past support - both as contributors and buyers.

We hope to see you at Famoso Raceway, as we celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the "Golden Age,"


Lot 1: 1989 Big Bud Shootout FUNNY CAR LOW QUALIFIER trophy awarded to Ed McCulloch. Obviously one of a kind.
Donated by Ed McCulloch

Lot 2: Steve Gibbs NHRA Winston Competition Director Shirt
Donated by Steve Gibbs

Lot 3: New - AS 6-A Hilborn Injector Scoop.
Donated by Fuel Injection Engineering - $355.00 retail

Lot 4: NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum sign.

Lot 5: Eddie Buck sculpture of "TheSurfers" Bob Skinner, Tom Jobe and Mike Sorokin.

Lot 6 FEATURED ITEM: Merchandise Certificate - $500 certificate that can be used for any of our Hedman Performance Group products to be calculated from the pricing listed on our website at the time of redemption.
Donated by Kevin Vandergriff

Lot 7: Credentials and Decals from 25th U.S. Nationals - 1979. Framed set of perfect condition.
Donated by Gibbs Collection

Lot 8: Kenny Youngblood's "NIGHTWING II - THE LAST RUN" Signed by Blood and Don Garlits.
Donated by Gibbs Collection

Lot 9 - Original NHRA Spring Nationals shirt at Bristol International Dragway. Very Rare.
Donated by Dave McClelland

Lot 10: 2 champaign glasses from Don Prudhomme Fair well party in 1998 at the Playboy mansion.
Donated by Dave McClelland

Lot 11: Hand Carved Dragster on a stand.
Donated in memory of Jarmo Pulkkinen

Lot 12: Hand Carved Funny Car on a stand.
Donated in memory of Jarmo Pulkkinen

Lot 13: Speed & Chrome Studios "Champ" steering wheel.
Donated by Sam Davis - $475 to $525 retail

Lot 14: New Wrist Pin Set; The Pins come in 4 sizes.... .827, .990, 1.094.. and 1.1562... We cut them to length, To what a custom wants.... They are 52100 tool steel pins, For a set of 10, run around 500.00 dollars, for the larger pins & the smaller pins go for about $350.00 per set of 10. These are the very best material we could find. Made to winning bidder's order.
Donated by Walt Stevens

Lot 15: Bonneville Speed Week poster from 1986.
Donated in memory of Jarmo Pulkkinen

Lot 16: Chuck Etchell t-shirt - NEW.
Donated by Dave McClelland

Lot 17 - 8th annual Labor Weekend Championship Drag Races at Puyallup Dragway in Washington. This is really bitchin!
Donated by Gibbs Collection


Lot 18: Official NHRA Winternationals Jacket. Size M
Donated by Mike Goyda


Lot 19: Polished 4V Intake Manifold for Small Block Chevy.
Donated by Sam Eidy

Lot 20: Mounted Photo of Tom McEwen in the Plymouth Dealers rear engin Hemi Cuda at Pomona in 1965.

Donated by: NHRA Museum


Lot 21: FEATURED ITEM Complete Filler Fire Suit from boots to helmet.
Donated by Dave McClelland

Lot 22: Trophy - Imperial Valley Timing Association 1958.
Donated by Jess Van Deventer

Lot 23 - FEATURED ITEM: Complete Vintage Air SureFit or Universal Street Rod Series System. * A complete system includes: Evaporator Kit, Controls, Compressor, Compressor Mounting Bracket, Hose Kit w/ Drier, Condenser, Bulkhead and a Safety Switch.
Donated by: Jack Chisenhall & Vintage Air - $1335.00 Retail



Lot 24: Four new KYB gas shocks or two KYB Mcpherson struts.
Donated by Bob Gibson

Lot 25 - FEATURED ITEM : Custom Kent Fuller Dragster Butterfly Dragster Steering Wheel.
Donated by Kent Fuller

Lot 26: Mongoose - Mobile 1 dragster in clear case.
Donated by:

Lot 27: Six foot vertical flag Commemorating the 50th NHRA Winternationals at Pomona.
Donated by NHRA Museum


Lot 28: Beautiful, new McDonald's Racing Golf Bag and club head covers.
Donated by Dave McClelland

Lot 29: Set of custom fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers for Big Block Chevy.
Donated by Sam Eidy

Lot 30: Reproduction of face mask used in 1964 by Chris Karamesines in his Chizler V.
Donated by: Ron Johnson

Lot 31: FEATURED ITEM Aeromotive Phantom 340 Fuel System. Stock look, serious performance--Aeromotive Phantom 340 fuel systems create an illusion but they are definitely for real!

Designed to add a whisper-quiet internal pump to your stock tank, Phantom 340 systems are capable of delivering enough fuel to feed your fuel-injected street rod or muscle car, even in tanks as shallow as 6 inches! So, you can make the switch to fuel injection without a fuel cell, custom tank, or a loud external pump and they definitely can handle serious power even at supercharged or turbocharged EFI pressures. Plus, Aeromotive has made it ridiculously easy for you to make the conversion--pretty cool, huh?
Donated by Vic Wood / Aeromotive Inc.


Lot 32: "Digger" Ralph Guldahl's personalized Edelbrock jacket. Prime condition - wool with leather sleeves. Size - XL
Donated by Don Prieto in memory of "Digger"

Lot 33- FETURED ITEM: One of a Kind "Drag Racing Tribute Blanket". This quilted t-shirt design is really a nice piece of work.
Hand Made and Donated by Leigh Buttera


Lot 34: Lifetime Membership to WDIFL.COM
The worlds largest drag racing photo and history website.
Donated by Don Ewald


Lot 35: 1970's NHRA Puter Belt Buckle.
Donated by Gibbs Collection

Lot 36: FEATURED ITEM: Wool BUD BUDWEISER RACING Jacket, Size Large, made by Bud Racing. The front of this jacket is Wool; Sleeves and back are simulated leather, lining and filling is Polyester. High quality embroidery on back and front. Size: XL
Donated by Cynthia Ewald from the John Ewald Collection

Lot 37: Set of two Framed Vintage Racing Rules from
San Fernando Drag Strip, and Lions Drag Strip.
Donated by Jack Gillett

Lot 38: Volumes 1-4 of Drag Sport Illustrated on CD. Every page of every issue. Excellent photo quality.
Donated by Don Ewald

Lot 39: McDonald's Racing Team leather jacket - NEW.
Donated by Dave McClelland


Lot 40: Mounted Photo of an injected alterded at Pomona in 1965.

Donated by: NHRA Museum


Lot 41: Don Prudhomme "Last Strike" Polo Shirt XL..
Donated by Don Ewald

Lot 42: Vintage Headers by Doug wool outer and lined inner jacket.
Donanted by the Shahan Famiy

Lot 43: Vintage OCIR Poster.
Donated by Mike Goyda

Lot 44: Vintage OCIR poster
Donated by Mike Goyda

Lot 45: FEATURED ITEM: System 1 - 75 Micron Billet Oil Filter Combo Mounts for Heavy weight Oil. Retail 395.00
Donated by Steve Faria - System 1

Lot 46: DSR Brut Funny Car 2007. 18x24 mounted photo
Donated and autographed by Ed 'the Ace' McCulloch

Lot 47: NHRA Wally from the 1982 Golden Gate Nationals awarded for Best Engineered Car.
Donated by Ken Sitko


Lot 48: Tom Hoover Double Exposure
Donated by Steve Andersen

Lot 49: FEATURED ITEM: Pair of Inaugural 'Ring of Fire' posters, signed by participants...many who have left us. One of a kind.10"x 15"
Donated in memory of John Ewald


Lot 50: TV Tommy Ivo 80th birthday bash, mounted & framed poster, signed by TV Tom himself. 18" x 24"
Donated by TV Tommy Ivo

Lot 51: Vintage (50's) North Texas Timing Association Trophy
Donated by Jess Van Deventer

Lot 52: Vintage (50's) Inyokern DragsTrophy
Donated by Jess Van Deventer

Lot 53: Vintage LIONS DRAG STRIP Trophy
Donated by Jess Van Deventer

Lot 54: Pomona Valley Timing Association
Trophy from the 1950's
Donated by Jess Van Deventer


Lot 55: 1970's Simpson Coat. Wet look still stylish today. Size Small.
Donated by Don Ewald

Lot 56: Hot Rod Magazine collector cards . It is not a full set but there are 24 cards from series #1 cards 1 thru 66. The attached photo is of 8 is a sample of the ones in the set. The cards a in good condition ---not perfect but good.
Donated by Don Tubbs


Lot 57: Priceless framed photo of Tom Nelson, Dale Armstrong, Art Chrisman, Don Prudhomme and Dode Martin. 15" x 21"
Donated by Gibbs Collection

Lot 58: Very unusual metal 3D sign item. With the car image floating over the background. Signed by artist Larry Grossman and Ivo will sign or personalized it.
Donated by Tom Ivo

Lot 59: This is a sample of 1994 Action Packed Collector Cards
42, perfect condition in binder.
Donated by Andy Brizio


Lot 60: Von Dutch Pinstriped Jacket - size M
Donated by Bob Beck

Lot 61: 15th US Nationals Poster, excellent condition


Lot 62: A very special lighter. "James Warren and myself were kinda buds, as evidenced when he repainted his car and finished up a points chase for myself after I broke my leg in Tulsa.

Anyway, in the late 60s ,at Lions, he gave me a 'Rain for Rent' lighter and I have kept it as a memento to Him and Roger."
Donated by John Wiebe

Lot 63: Route 66 Casino Leather Jacket, size XL

Lot 64: John Ewald's Standard 1320 / WDIFL leather and fleese Lettermans Style Jacket - size XL
In memory of John Ewald

Lot 65: Custom Top Fuel Die Cast, in display case
Made especially for Steve Gibbs

Donated by Gibbs Collection


Lot 66: Beach City Corvette and Tommy Grove Print
signed by artist. 8 1/2"x28"

Lot 67: AA/FA print - 12"x18", framed

Lot 68: Candies & Hughes vintage scale model - new in the box

Lot 69: Bonneville Wheel Cover, multiple signatures including
Al Teague, Gene Mooneyham, Mike Cook and Joe Mondello

Lot 70: Bud Racing Jacket - size L
Donated by Kenny Bernstein


Lot 71: Vintage NHRA Championship Drag Racing Shirt
Donated by Mike Goyda

Lot 72: Vintage Super Stock Magazine Drag Racers Hall of Fame shirt with H.L. Shahan embroidered on the front right chest, size M
Donated by Shahan Family

Lot 73: Larry Watson El Dorado Brougham Print
Matted and framed, 20"x24"

Lot 74: FEATURED ITEM: CJ 'Pappy' Hart NHRA Official Shirt - Size M

Lot 75: Darrell Gwynn Limited Print, by John Pugh, signed and framed.

Lot 76: Dougs Headers Funny Car mounted photo 24"x36"

Lot 77: Diggers, Funnies, Gassers & Altereds Drag Racings Golden Age Book by Bob McClurg
Donated by Bob McClurg

Lot 78: Vintage Top Fuel run circa 1963 photo - 8"x10", framed

Lot 79: 'Earl's Supply' neon clock

Lot 80: Tom Hanna TShirt, new - size XL


Lot 81: Fuel and Guts by Tom Madigan

Lot 82: 2003 El Mirage poster - 18"x24", framed

Lot 83: Tom McEwen English Leather On The Go Set from 1976.

Lot 84: Vintage Broguiere Dairy Pro Stock Collector’s Quart Bottles Rare series from the 1980’s - 12 different Pro Stock “hitters”…Glidden, Johnson, Shepherd…All in an old school milk case..
Donated by Gibbs Collection

Lot 85: Snake vs Mongoose Chapter 1
James Ibusuki Limited Edition Print #55/850
18"x32", unframed. Signed by Don 'the Snake' Prudhomme, Tom 'the Mongoose' McEwen and James Ibusuki.
Donated by James Ibusuki

Lot 86: NHRA Lighted Sign, Vintage logo 16"x33"...perfect for any man cave!

Lot 87: Tony Stewart / Joe Gibbs Racing Home Depot Crew Shirt, new

Lot 88: Lee Eliminator Collared shirt, Tommy "TC" Lemon and Don Garlits embroidered name - large Lee logo on back - size M

Lot 89: McDonalds / Minor Racing Tshirts of Cruz Pedregon & Ed 'the Ace' McCulloch.


Lot 90: Vintage Winston Drag Racing Jacket - size M

Lot 91: National Dragster cover, mounted featuring Don Garlits, Raymond Beadle and Frank Iaconio

Lot 92: 1971 Northern Nationals Poster, reproduction
Coby Gewertz

Lot 93: Set of 2 NHRA 20th Anniversary Ashtrays


Lot 94: Rich Guasco mounted photo - 16"x20"

Lot 95: Set of two (2) Beauty Rings for 15" rims
Donated by Justin Arias


Lot 96: NHRA 1980's commemorative Poster - framed

Lot 97 Rick Stewart, Official Starter Shirt
signed and donated by Rick Stewart

Lot 98: Ring of Fire TShirt, gently used - size M

Lot 99: Over the Hill Gang and Sidewinder t-shirts
Donated by Kelly Brown

Lot 100: Framed 11x14 Print of the "Rat Trap" AA/FA.
Taken and donated by Paul Hutchins

Lot 101: 1978 Top Eliminator Jacket
Donated by Kelly Brown

Lot 102: Red White & Blue collectors hat from the 11th NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion. This was owned and worn by the late Steve "Nitro Man" Wallace who also signed it on the inside.
Donated in Memory of Steve Wallace

Lot 103: uncirculated (still in original unopened shrink wrap) early '60s Hot Rod Caravan 33 1/3 LP recorded at Bakersfield, Atco National Record Runs, Detroit Nationals, Bonneville Speed Trials & Pomona Winternationals.
Donated by Darr Hawthorne


Lot 104: 18 inch Polished Stainless Steel Overflow Tank with stainless hardware - New

Lot 105: Matted Pete Millar Print. As seen in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) CARtoons exhibit.
donated by the Family of Pete Millar

Lot 106: Blown up Doug Kalitta Injector Hat from their win in Las Vegas last fall. Includes team Winners Circle photo also signed by Doug..
Donated byTeam Kalitta


Lot 107: Halibrand Front Wheel. One of the 15" x 3 1/2" orignal magnesium Halibrand front spindle mount wheels that were on the 134 Fuel Coupe and destroyed when it hit the Famoso wall during the 2015 CHRR at an estimated 160 mph. They had been with the coupe for 36 years. (see photo in next lot))
donated by Ted Brine

Lot 108: Three Framed Photos. (1) the article that Hot Rod Deluxe magazine printed in March of 2016 that includes full sequence shots. (2) a photo of the car warming up the tires prior to a run at Bakersfield. (3) a copy of the "hero card" they had used. Two are 8x10's and the magazine framed copy is 12" x 18".
donated by Ted Brine

Lot 109: AmeriCarna "Swag Bag" Hat, t-shirt, and Seasons 1 through 3 of AmeriCarna on DVD signed by Ray Evernham.
donated by Ray Evernham


Lot 110: Chevy Raceshop Print - is 20" x 26" 435/500 by Ken Roberts who also signed it.
donated by Ray Evernham

Lot 111: FEATURED ITEM::Simpson Fire Boots and Gloves. Worn by Dave Beebe driving the Whipple & Mr Ed Funny Car
Donated by the Dave Beebe family

Lot 112: Vintage Bell Helmet. Worn by Dave Beebe driving the Whipple & Mr Ed Funny Car
Donated by the Dave Beebe family

Lot 113: FEATURED ITEM: 1973 Springnationals Funny Car Eliminator Wally won at Columbus, OH. by Dave Beebe in the Whipple & Mr Ed Funny Car.
Donated by the Dave Beebe family


Lot 114: Updated Edition Don Garlits And His Cars. Autographed by "Big Daddy" Don Garlits.
Donated by Museum of Drag Racing

Lot 115: Valve Cover and Photo from the 2013 Rocky Mountain Nationals in Edmonton. First round, bent an exhaust pushrods, leaving no room for the compressed nitro. Blew the head off the engine, broke the valve cover, bent the rods, broke the crank, and resulted in this spectacular fire ball 8x10 photo matted and framed. Signed by Nathan Sitko
Donated by Sitko Family Racing

Lot 116: 14:71 Blower Rotor from Doug Kalitta's TF Car signed by Connie Kalitta
Donated byTeam Kalitta


Lot 117: “Fast Eddie” Schartman’s lightweight Simpson Driver’s Jacket, used during 1972 United States Racing Team Tour. Donated by Eddie Schartman - Winner of First Funny Car Category Event - Tulsa 1966

Lot 118: Original Art Work for the 25th CHRR. Mounted on wood, 3'x4' in size.

Lot 119: “Fast Eddie" Schartman’s 1972 United States Racing Team Blazer, wth team documents.
Donated by Eddie Schartman - Winner of First Funny Car Category Event - Tulsa 1966


Lot 120: New in the box“Smokin’ Joe” Racing Zippo Lighter
Donated by Gibbs Collection

Lot 121: Original Don Zig Magnito Watch

Lot 122: This is visor Jack Beckman wore when he won Chicago. Signed and dated.
Donated by Jack Beckman





*If you cannot attend in person consider using a proxy bidder for a must have item. All you need is a friend who's there and a cell phone!




Send items to:
Steve Gibbs
16222 Monterey Lane #55
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

or bring them to the CHRR auction tent no later than Friday morning.




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