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The Funny Car final paired up the newly crowned 2016 Funny Car Champion, Kris Krabill and the ever tough Jason Rupert.






Krabill banked three thousands on the tree but it was wiped out by the 60' blocks.






By the 100' mark Rupert was marching away.



Krabill shut off early and that was that.








Rupert put an exclamation mark on his bad ass weekend with a 5.592 at 250.32.







Bucky Austin and some of his guys came over to congratulate Team Rupert & Littlefield. Class act.








The Top Fuel final pitted the two quickest cars in the field, the #1 & #2 qualifiers. Jim Murphy and Tony Bartone and this one was for all the marbles.

Who ever won would capture not only the CHRR title but also the 1916 Top Fuel Championship.





Bartone got a big starting line advantage and went on to an easy win, as Murphy experienced a broken fuel line at the hit (see photos) and as it got worse he was forced to shut off.




















With a time slip reading 5.600 at 247.25 it was game, set and match for Bartone.









AA/FA Final

I was told that before round two was run that there were only four cars that could make the call. The four cars decided that the winner of the class would be the car that ran closest to six seconds.


First out was Ron Hope and Shawn Callen.








Hope carded a 6.281 230.21





The other pair was Kyle Hogue and Jason Richey.









Hough's 6.222 at 229.94 was closest to 6.00 so he was declared the AA/FA winner










The ProMod title went to Bret Williamson over Jay Diedrich. Williamson got the easy win, as Diedrich went red by -0.021.









In A/Fuel the fans saw a great race between Drew Austin and Kin Bates. Both drivers had solid leaves.




Austin took the narrow win with a 6.198 at 219.47 with Bates right there with a 6.204 at 217.63. Austin's MOV: 0.0100 seconds (approximately 3 feet).








Mike Molea scored his first major AA/GS win when Howard Anderson failed to stage.









The Jr. Fuel trophy went to Alan Hull over J.D. Zink. Just one thousands difference to their dial ins. A great five light for Hull gave him the win.








The NE-1 win went to Hans Jakob over Scott Corbett. Just five thousands difference in their ET's and Jakob took the eleven foot win.






The 7.0 Pro final featured Allen Taylor in his Ford roaders and Dave Rosenberg in Bruce Dyda's dragster. Taylor took a holeshot win with a 7.071 at 183.72 over Rosenberg's quicker 7.060 194.97. MOV: 0.0140 seconds (approximately 4 feet).









A/Gas was won by Keith Morovich in a close one over Brendon Frye. Just 0.002 difference in their ET's with Morovich getting the close win. MOV: 0.0130 seconds (approximately 3 feet).







The populard Geezer Gassers class went to Greg Porter who cut a 0.005 light ub in beating Kirk Dupre for the trophy.






In a wheels up fianl it was Bob Moreland who made it to the winners circle with his win over Ken Godsey.







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